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  1. andrewBwinter

    Higher Estradiol May Help With Aging

    I found this brief clip interesting related to biological aging. I have been embracing E2 by taking boron (6 mg once per day) for a longer period of time than the suggested 2 weeks on, one week off protocol. (120 mg / wk Test-E) Since then I've had excellent results with my hip OA and a nagging...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Higher IGF-1 and DHEA levels, longer telomere lengths

    Your life expectancy grows, the more anabolic – and fewer catabolic – hormones your body produces. Researchers at Harvard Medical School reached this conclusion after performing a molecular-epidemiological study on 925 men and women over the age of 54. The more anabolic hormones your body...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    DHT and estradiol correlate to slowdown of biological aging

    Endocrine Society's 98th Annual Meeting and Expo, April 1–4, 2016 - Boston SAT-152: Sex Hormones and Biological Ageing: Results of Epidemiological and Mendelian Randomisation Studies of the Bioactive Metabolites of Testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone and Estradiol, and Leucocyte Telomere Length...
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