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    Blood After Delt Injection

    I've been on 2x/week injections for a few months using a 27ga .5" syringe. I was injecting in my VG for the first month until I figured my delts would be better "IM" with only a .5" long pin. On Sunday, I experienced a drizzle of blood as I removed the pin from my right delt. This morning...
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    How much test is being lost in a non-fixed needle syringe?

    I'm wondering because I'm using a non-fixed needle 1ml syringe with 27g needles. You never push all of it out at once and I'm injecting 0.2ml at a time (40mg). Does anyone know this? I buy the supplies for a couple of months for maybe 2$ max. The clinic I go to wants to sell fixed-needle...
  3. Z

    Syringes without script

    Does anyone know of any sites I can order syringes without a script? I specifically live in Illinois and they require scripts for more then 20 insulin needles. I have been ordering from OTC wharehouse for years but my last order with them still has not shipped from 2 weeks ago and not getting...
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    Order your syringes now

    I just received enough syringes to last me a year. Why you ask? China is the major manufacturer of medical supplies. I use Easy Touch syringes and they are made in China and when I ordered mine I asked how long can supplies last without getting anymore for say three months. The answer was...
  5. N

    Will heating testosterone degrade it?

    My doctor asked if I wanted to switch to injecting with insulin needles, I tried it and it takes forever to draw from the bottle. I read that you can heat it and draw at least 3x faster. Would this degrade the quality of the testosterone? as always thank you.
  6. J

    Syringes and needles

    Where is the best place to buy3ml syringes and needles? Websites?
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    How to transfer hCG 10ml syringe to insulin syringe?

    pharmacist: "You are to reconstitute the hCG inside the 10 ml syringe and inject from there" me: "please send insulin syringe 31G" pharmacist: "get from the the pharmacy that supplies your insulin" me: "31G is for hCG" pharmacist: "No way can you get it in the insulin syringe after...