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    Symptoms Question (long-term TRT user)

    I have been on TRT/ HcG for many years, having great success and have my protocol "dialed in" to maintain my good results and continued stable blood markers. Without posting a mess of details of my protocol, I am hoping maybe some of you may have some quick insight to my question before I order...
  2. M

    My dose has been too high?

    Try and keep this short...5 years ago felt bad, Dr put me on 100 mg of Test cyp 1x a week, did ok for a while, HCT HGB got too high, told to donate every 4 months, still didn't feel right, test levels were great, high in fact around 1000, after another year still felt rough (Yes tested for...
  3. L

    Advice needed: HCG side effects

    I have been on T 50mg e3.5d for 2+ years and as of 5 months ago, added 500iu hcg every 2 days (trying to getmy wife pregnant). Since adding hcG I noticed that there are a lot of days where I feel lousey and moody. Almost like anything and everything gets on my nervies. I absolutely hate it. It’s...
  4. D

    Different Effects Between Testosterone Injection and Cream

    I've used injection testosterone cypionate previously and now been on compounded cream for five months. On the T-Cyp, I felt more inclined to engage in physical exercise, driven, almost compelled to exercise, get a pump going. On the cream it's like I have to make a mental effort. Blood...
  5. P

    Fail in Testosterone metabolization

    Hey all, just a couple of quick questions, Can your body produce defective testosterone? Can your body fail to metabolize natural total T - free T? I'm talking about cases of low T symptoms but normal T levels. Thank you!
  6. S

    Hypogonadism (Low Testosterone) or Depression - How to Differentiate

    There are many common symptoms in depression and hypogonadism, especially those subjective, my question is how do physicians know when hypogonadism causes depression, and when depression causes hypogonadal symptoms?
  7. E

    2 weeks in with Clomid, working with Defy

    Hello all, Started my Clomid therapy with Defy. Not for fertility. 12.5 ED. First week or so felt really good, low test symptoms (zero libido, foggy brain, super dry skin, thin hair but no MPB, etc etc) seemed to slowly get better even within two weeks. Sounds crazy but it is true. However, I...
  8. G

    Secondary symptoms not improved

    I am on 25mg T Enanthate SubQ EOD. I've been on TRT for about 18 months now. After almost a year I regained libido to some extent and my erectile function improved, but I have not improved otherwise. I am not calmer, not less depressed, do not have self-confidence, my memory has not improved. I...
  9. L

    drug-like withdrawal symptoms 4-5 months off trt

    i came off trt this winter january or february can't say exactly.. for past month i've been feeling very off not just like low T state but very agitated, restlessness, shaky, confused, drug cravings and generally feel like if I came off of year cocaine blast.. I don't take any drugs except for...
  10. T

    What test to choose?

    Hi! I'm 26 yo, but I think that I have low T. Low sex drive, bad mood and weakness - these are symptoms. Doctor said "results are ok", but didn't show me results. I wish to bypass my doc (have hmo insurance plan, change a doc is a real trouble) and get tests by mysels. Could you tell what T...
  11. D

    Low or high E2: what to do?

    Hey fellas, Need some input. I've been on TRT therapy for over a year now. My current TRT protocol is as follows Test Cyp 200mg/wk E3D injection HCG 500iu/wk E3D injection Arimidex 1mg E3D I have been experiencing symptoms for quite some time now (fatigue, the need to sleep, bloating, water...
  12. L

    Mid range test after climbed but no improvement in symptoms

    Really hoping for a bit of magic here... I have been suffering with low testosterone symptoms for 7 years now. My bloods were as follows Aug. Testosterone 6.4 (185 in US) SHBG 39.5 Free Test 0.086 Prolactin 193 LH 5.0 FSH 3.3 PSA 0.49 I was put on Clomid for a month (25mg 3x per week) My results...
  13. M

    What DOES and WHY does Testosterone help with fatigue

    I've never seen the fatigue question answered in detail. What IS testosterone doing in your body that providing TRT solves the fatigue issue. I know it does help fatigue but in a normal person or in a supplemented man with TRT what IS it doing that affects good or bad fatigue.
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