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  1. DragonBits

    My experience with having had coronavirus / covid-19.

    I and my wife got tested for coronavirus antibodies, specifically the Abbott SARS-CoV-2 IgG assay from labcorp. We both tested positive for coronavirus antibodies. It was easy to get the blood test, $10 with or without insurance, results in less than 24 hours from labcorp. Quest also has a...
  2. John89

    Irritability and fatigue after exercise - Symptom of Low-T?

    Dear all, within the last years I have developed a very specific symptom. Almost every time after doing excercise I am a complete mess for two days: Irritability, fatigue, depression, brainfog and a general feeling that is comparable to having the flu. Basically I crash ultra hard after every...
  3. M

    Uncomfortable feeling in Anus/Sphincter

    Hello all, New member. 47 Y/O Male. Started TRT with a local clinic about 1 month ago after very low T results (180 range) and symptoms of low energy, brain fog, weight gain, etc. Now on my 4th week (200mg/test & 100mg/deca per week, 500IU HCG 2x week, .5MG Tablet Anastrozole 2x week plus a...
  4. M

    How does testosterone improve brain fog?

    The infamous brain fog is one of the low testosterone symptoms. In my instance TRT lifted it. I've never seen this question answered: What IS testosterone doing metabolically in your body to handle/fix/cure the brain fog. What IS brain fog aside from the usual symptoms cited. Can it be...
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