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  1. keithc2485

    Pain and swelling after needle stick in R thigh .. concerned

    Hey guys. So I've been doing self-injections for 5 years and I'm pretty good at them. but today I was distracted I guess, on speakerphone etc. Anyway I was doing my testosterone injection in my right upper thigh I think I went a little too middle and when I injected the needle my whole leg...
  2. A

    My first TRT injection reaction

    After doing research for almost an year, I started my TRT. I am using TRT+HCG. Yesterday i tried to mix both test and hcg in a single needle but it dint go through well. There were bubbles so i throwed it away. So after that i took separate injection for test n hcg. Hcg went well no issues but...
  3. R

    Prostate swelling issue question

    OK guys I think I've touched on this before but search function does not work for me. It seems I have a prostate swelling issue or pelvic floor issue. After ejaculation its sore just under the scrotum..it's an issue that comes and goes. Imy thinking I should talk to my doc but want to see what...
  4. J

    edema[swelling] what is the cause

    Started to get a lot of swelling in my legs and 6 pound weight gain over 4 days after being on TRT for 5weeks. No other symptoms. Is this a side effect of the TRT or the estradiol breakdown product. Got some relief with an over the counter diuretic. any other suggestions?
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