1. L

    Best Supplement(s) for Slightly Elevated Blood Pressure?

    Over the past 1-2 months, I've taken over 100 BP readings and the average I'm getting is like 129-131/73. So, I get some decent readings like 123/73 which aren't bad, but then other times I get a 135/78 reading and it offsets it. My bottom number is always below 80, but I would like to get the...
  2. C

    Possibility of "test booster" ingredients affecting lab results?

    This is simply a question/observation I am throwing out to the masses. I had been self dosing testosterone e last year for about six months. Approximately 80-100mg weekly - shallow IM. Stopped the first week of November due to some unwanted sides. No PCT. I did start taking a test booster...
  3. Warrior

    Naragin Supplement Source

    I've read some posts, seems like it works for some. Who has a sourse for it?
  4. D

    Whey and egg protein alternative

    avid lifter and fitness guy here. I have developed some problems that the doc think may be related to my diet. I have been eating a bodybuilder diet for the last 18 years, with a lot of my protein consumption revolving around whey protein and eggs. I am going to try to eliminate these from my...
  5. M

    New member introduction, and asking for advice.

    Hi folks, I’m a 24 year old male who was recently placed on TRT after dealing with moderate to severe depression, lack of energy, and difficulty with weight loss and muscle gain despite working out regularly. I’m taking 100mg Test-Cyprionate once weekly - I had to argue with my doctor against...
  6. C

    Best way to take supplements with thyroid medication

    So i have thyroid combination treatment for hypothyroid with TRT 125mcg T4 + 40mcg T3 day. What is the best and proper way to take supplements that they dont interferce each others absortion and my thyroid medication. I know magnesium, calcium iron etc have to take about 6h away from thyroid...
  7. F

    Looking for the right MSM supplement.

    Hi everyone, I’m working on getting myself back to normal after years of constant pain at only 22. I’m working on figuring out if it has to due with my anadrol 50 cycle or something else. I’ve heard that MSM supplement works, are there any people specifically recommend? I also read that animal...
  8. A

    CalMagZinc supplements anyone?

    I take magnesium and zinc at night for sleep and they work. I feel I have more energy the next day as well. It thought it would be easier to take the two in one supplement. ZMA can give me insomnia (possibly the B6) and this leaves CalMagZinc. I know that calcium can inhibit zinc absorption but...
  9. T

    Gene Devine’s NO Stack

    I want to start Gene Devine’s NO stack but having difficulty finding horny goat weed 60% 150 mg. In the thread you note prefer Vitamin Shoppe brand. However, when I went to their website Horny Goat Weed has only 10% Icariin and many other ingredients. I found Nugenix brand that was 40% but 300...
  10. P

    Supplement Listing - Looking for Feedback

    Here are the supplements I take daily, in addition to test cyp, HCG and Ipamorelin. I will list the supplement, the strength and the number taken daily. I will also list why I take it and keep in mind that I may be misguided. I seem to take a lot and don't care to take something that is a...
  11. C

    Frequent urination

    I have recently develops frequent urination again, last time I had it was due to low e2 I believe. Here are my labs on 40 mg test 2x a week 360 iu hcg 3x a week Total T: 783 (362-916) Free T: 15.7 (9-26) E2 sens: 24 (8-35) SHBG: 53 (15-55) TSH: 2.1 (.45-4.5) DHEA-S: 346 (138-475) PSA: .9 I...
  12. S

    Greens Drinks Supplements

    Good Evening Everybody, I was curious what your thoughts are on a greens supplement to help with adding in more greens for the day as well as digestive support and a multivitamin replacement? There is a product called Nutrigen made by Morphogen Nutrition. He makes good products and has 3rd...
  13. V

    Vitex aka Chaste Berry for Post Propecia (Finasteride) Syndrome Recovery

    I learned about Vitex from reading about Propecia recovery stories. These guys took Vitex and made recoveries, contrary to the perception that it's an antiandrogen. Apparently low doses will cause side effects in men, but higher dosages will cause the opposite side effect, although they claim...
  14. O


    I have noticed that cost has increased 50% over the last 4 months. Wonder if it is tied into the trade war with China. 1KILO from Bulk Supplements: 18SEP18 - $27 9OC18 - $ 31 12DEC18 - $39 Should have bought waaaay more last Oct :)
  15. T

    Supplement BOTH Pregnenalone and DHEA?

    Gene generally mentions taking both micronized Pregnenalone and DHEA as "backfilling the pathways" supplements. I have tried taking just DHEA and then both together. I don't really notice any subjective difference, and have not had any further DHEA blood testing since my initial low result of...