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  1. S

    Never been on trt, I have been ITCHY for a few years...ideas?

    I have been itchy for a couple of years now, particularly around my face forehead neck and scalp. About two months ago it got more intense. And hives covered my torso and then sporadically on my legs and arms. That had never happened before they have pretty much dissipated but are still itchy at...
  2. andrewBwinter

    Too Many Supplements While On TRT

    Good Morning. 56 y.o. male taking 120mg Test-E / wk. 2x60 Saturday 8 a.m. and Tuesday 8 p.m. Prescribed for a combination of ED and concussions that happened once in the 80's and sever whiplash in '91. I don't feel that much better after the regimen below that is recommended by my specialist...
  3. A

    Can sunflower lecithin affect DHT?

    I've tried it twice for increasing semen volume (which decreases on TRT even with HCG) and it works. However either time I notices a huge increase in my facial hair which was presumably caused by an increase in DHT. I'm not sure it was the lecithin or other stuff that I was taking with it. The...
  4. R

    NAC attack: n-acetyl-cysteine Is it safe? hypoxia, PAH, pulnonary danger

    Blood pressure has always been normal. <125. Two weeks ago my MD noted it was 170. Yesterday it was 163. I starting supplementing with NAC at 500mg/day (Jarrow) usually in combination with ALC and ALA. I had increased the dose up to 1500 mg/day spread out . From Mercola: [Researchers...
  5. F

    What supplements/foods to AVOID at all while on TRT

    Obviously bad fats and simple carbs and alcohol(learned my lesson on getting drunk one night after my first month on TRT). soy milk... But what else do you guys suggest to stay away from? I was wondering if taking Milk Thistle would affect Testosterone Cypionate/HCG/anastrozole at all or even...
  6. F

    Does supplements that contain FLAXSEED OIL raise or affect E2 or aromatase?

    I read an article on another site which was making it seem like flaxseed raises estrogen in men similar to claims on soy. is this true?
  7. Nelson Vergel

    FDA warns consumers not to use muscle growth product

    Product marketed as a dietary supplement contains potentially harmful synthetic steroids The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers to immediately stop using a product called Mass Destruction, marketed as a dietary supplement for muscle growth. The product is labeled to contain...
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