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  1. B

    How much slower is subQ compared to IM?

    How much slower is the release and taper of a subcutaneous injection compared to an intramuscular injection?
  2. E

    SubQ vs IM (E2)

    Anyone get higher e2 from subQ injections? Is it because of estrogen in fat?
  3. G

    Alternating Dosage Every other day on Daily Dosing

    Hi everyone, Just a theory I've been having. I started doing daily dosing recently and it's probably the best I've felt since staring TRT. I'm a low SHBG by the way (around 20). But my main issue is insomnia and I'm curious if this is caused by having a steady state of high test levels. So...
  4. W

    Daily SUBQers: 5 stars for BD Ultra-Fine Insulin Syringe - 31G 3/10cc 5/16"

    Like many on here, I started with harpoon needles from my general physician and then graduated (mercifully) to 29 gauge x 1/2 fixed insulin needles for shallow IM thanks to the advice of this forum. A year ago I moved on to low dose daily SUBQ and began using 31 gauge x 5/16. For insulin...
  5. R

    Perplexing result.. thoughts?

    Hi there, I'd really appreciate any thoughts or guidance on protocol/results below. I am quite surprised by the prolactin result, and even the T and E result as I am on a low daily dose and this is before my next injection. Any thoughts would be very appreciated. Purpose is TRT and not sport...
  6. T

    Sensitive to E2 - subq and HCG

    Hi guys, I'm very sensitive to medium to medium high E2. I feel like absolute shit, depressed, anxious, low libido. I talked to a new doctor who wants to put me on subq test Cyp and HCG: As far as I understand there's more aromatase in the fat, and so I'd think I would aromatise more with...
  7. S

    IM Testosterone Given SubQ

    Hello, I have been taking Xyosted for the past 3 months and my doctor just recommended that up the dose to 100mg. The problem is at $425 per month, I cannot afford this. I asked my doctor if the Xyosted medication, Testosterone Enanthate was available in a vial, and could I take it...
  8. L

    Guys on daily SubQ

    So after talking at length with my doctor yesterday, I will be doing daily sub q injections, starting on Monday. For those of you who do daily subQ and testosterone only (no hcg or AI etc), what daily dose do you use, what daily dose do you feel best at and where does that put your numbers? He...
  9. L

    IM or SubQ

    So, who all has tried both subQ and IM and what difference did you notice? Which do you prefer, and what frequency and dosage gets you to what levels each way?
  10. S

    Switched to SubQ injections. Question...

    50mg cypionate SubQ, M/W/F. Injecting in abdomen. Love it. Would never go back to IM injections. It has been 2 or 3 weeks since I switched from IM. My question is, how long after a SubQ injection might it take for blood levels to spike/peak? I ask because last Monday I had blood taken at 10am...
  11. G

    HCG Half life IM vs SubQ?

    So I am finding some info about IM HCG injections having way shorter half life compared to SubQ but can't really find solid info on this. I was always under the impression they had little difference at the typical doses for TRT and even Monotherapy. Does anyone know of any data on this? I am...
  12. J

    SubQ injection locations

    Hey guys just started SubQ. I’m having A hard time finding good spots I guess. Using a 28g 1/2” syringe I feel like I’ll Pierce stomach muscle below my belly fat? Maybe it’s deceiving and the stomach muscle isn’t as close as I think it is. Should I be going in at a steep angle? I also tried my...
  13. P

    SubQ or Shallow IM - Needle Length

    So, I have switched to what I think are SubQ injections. Here is my rotation, with questions to follow: (1) 27g x 1/2 into abdomen or love handles...slightly pinch/raise up the skin/fat (2) 25G x 5/8 into the fat of my rear end...upper area...slightly pinch/raise up the skin/fat...I am using...
  14. B

    Test dose timing for ED inject protocols... morning or night?

    I was looking back at some of my history (lab numbers) and something hit me during my research... I had experimented with SQ injections and was looking at one of my lab results which I have posted below... Using 20mg Test Prop (16.5mg pure test minus ester weight) SQ ED injects in morning 8am...
  15. B

    First subq burns.

    I have been going in the thighs and shoulder shallow IM and just started subq today in my love handle after the shot it burned like alcohol was in there for a couple minutes. Is this usual?
  16. M

    Sore, hot and raised stomach from SubQ injection..did I mess up? Should I keep using the site?

    Hey all, New to TRT and had my first pin on Wednesday night. 40iu test C in the abdomen. Everything was fine. Today (3.5d later), I inject on the other side of my abdomen. I was feeling my stomach to see where my initial injection was though, which I found because it was harder than all the...
  17. B

    Low SHBG guy here... Test Prop SubQ ED works best for me...

    *Background- My SHBG has always been bottom of range 0-10% of Lab Corp range (10-20)... So years after not enjoying the benefits of TRT due to my doc not having a clue (I was injecting total 200mg/Cyp - 100mg x 2/pr wk). Realized I should have been injecting smaller and more frequently...
  18. T

    SubQ - Testostrone compounded with Anastrozole

    I wanted to post and ask if anyone is doing Testosterone compounded with Anastrozole subcutaneously? I've read some of Dr. John Crisler's posts that make me want to give it a try but the fact that it is compounded with Anastrozole led me to this post to see if I could get more info from the...
  19. G

    SubQ and the needle size

    has anyone failed with subQ using standard insulin syringe? I had been injecting T Prop in the muscle 50 mg 3 times a week and my libido became huge. when I went to 35mg EOD but SubQ, it didn't work at all. So I can think of two reasons: 1) SubQ needle was to short 2) I kept the open vials and...
  20. M

    Thoughts on blood work please...

    Hi guys, Following symptoms including low libido, fatigue, anxiety, inability to build muscle etc. I recently got some bloods drawn. I have attached the results. One from about 4 weeks ago and 1 from this week. Any thoughts/comments are greatly appreciated.
  21. T

    Sub Q Injections

    Why is it that every doctor that I have told that I am doing sub q injections are like "Those are supposed to be done via Intramuscular." Even the nurses at the place I'm getting my testosterone has said the same thing. It's very annoying. I have to tell them to look at my chart where it says...
  22. Fireproof

    Which Test injection method do you use - IM or SubQ

    I looked around and didn't see a poll for this. Just various threads discussing the topic. If I missed a poll - please link me. Otherwise - would LOVE to get everyone's participation to see who is using which method, just out of curiosity. For Test Injections are you injecting subcutaneously...
  23. L

    SubQ or shallow IM: Any real difference?

    SubQ or shallow IM: Any real difference? Using insulin syringe/needle (30g/12mm) on a 2 x week 50mg Test Cypionate protocol. I've been rotating injection sites between left/right thighs (shallow IM) and left/right side of belly area (subQ). Third week on this protocol and I haven't really...
  24. P

    Subcutanous shots in back of upper arm

    Hello, This is not really testosterone related, but maybe it will be helpful for folks administering subcutaneous shots. I receive allergy shots a couple times a month, and they always administer subcutaneously with an insulin syringe, in the upper arm at the tricep. Immediately after the...
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