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  1. V

    Can all liquid supplements be used sublingually?

    I didn't find any sublingual specific vitamin D, so I ended up with liquid vitamin D drops. Is there any reason why any liquid supplement, such as my vitamin D, cannot be absorbed sublingually? Or will all be absorbed if I hold it under my tongue, or on my tongue?
  2. tareload

    Oxandrolone via Troche to Bypass First Pass Metabolism. Effective?

    I’d be interested in hearing others experience using oxandrolone troches instead of oral delivery (capsules) to bypass first-pass metabolism and reduce liver toxicity and lower minimum effective dose. Since oxandrolone has excellent oral bioavailability (97-98%) and is actually metabolized...
  3. R

    Sublingual T

    Hello, after 3 months on 200mg bio identical test cream, my total T went from 326 to 229. I feel bad, no energy and poor overall outlook. My doctor put me on sublingual T, 300mg split by 150mg in the morning and 150mg in the evening. I cant really find a lot of information on Sublingual T. Can...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone Pellets, Sublingual and Buccal (Mouth)

    Testosterone Pellets (Testopel or compounded pellets) By Nelson Vergel From the book: Testosterone: A Man's Guide One other option for testosterone replacement therapy is the use pellets inserted under the skin. These are small, sterile cylinders about the size of a grain of rice that are...
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