subcutaneous injections

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  1. C

    Switching to subq ?

    First time posting I'm glad to see there is a forum for people using trt. I would like to try subq injections to see if it will help lower my estradiol levels. I appreciate any opinions. 5 months therapy no positive improvement only negative. I might have slightly more energy. Lots of negatives...
  2. G

    B12 Injection SubQ

    I've been prescribed b12 injection every 2 weeks. Ask i have are the insulin pins I use for my test cyp. Is there any reason I can do my b12 shot shadow IM/subq? Also, I'm supposed to use a full mL, is that too much to do subq?
  3. S

    SubQ frequency downsides?

    Theres certainly a wealth of discussion on here about subQ injections, but im having a hard time finding anything on potential cons of increased dosing (i.e. 3x weekly imstead of 2). My limited understanding from reading this forum is that it would just promote better feeling/perception/flow...
  4. G

    Disappointing Results

    Got my testosterone and CBC results from 5mg daily, sub-q/shallow IM. Testosterone Total 260 (250-1100) MS ng/dL Free Testosterone 45 (35-155) Dialysis pg/mL RBC 5.6 (4.6-5.8) HGB 16.7 (13.2-17.1) HCT 48.5 (38.5-50) This test was in trough. Perhaps this is why my sleep is suffering so bad. So...
  5. S

    Dr. Crisler, SQ, and studies?

    I was watching one of the late Dr. Crisler’s videos….i believe he mentioned there or in a blog that SQ injections end up raising T levels about 20% higher than same dose on IM i.e. 80mg total weekly SQ would get results like 100mg total weekly IM please someone correct me, as i think im not...
  6. M

    Injecting any amount of testosterone cypionate subcutaneously leaves hard lumps/scar tissue

    I imagine most people pin ED with Testosterone propionate but regardless shouldnt I be able to inject 0.2 subq t Cyp without issues?
  7. bennettjc

    New Study - SubQ Alledgedly Leads To Lower HCT/E2/PSA Than IM Just Published

    This data was first discussed here a year or so ago when it was released as a poster. It was now just published in a major urology journal. Bascially it suggested that 75 or 100mg of "Xyosted" (SubQ enanthate) each week leads to lower HCT/E2/PSA than does 100mg of IM cypionate. This is a poor...
  8. G

    Sub-Q - where?

    For those doing subq, where are you injecting that? Abs, love handles, anywhere? And does that really just mean injecting into the fat? I can't explain it, but I'm nervous about trying it.
  9. J

    Sub Q injection question

    I inject both T and HCG Sub-Q. My question is, as long as it’s going into subcutaneous tissue does it really matter where it goes? Stomach fat injections always hurt and leave welts and sometimes bruises.. not much of it there maybe, so always do a SubQ glute injection. Will that make a difference?
  10. C

    subcutaneous injection into stomach

    Is 80mg injected into my belly every 4th day to much? Meaning is 80mg to much to inject at one time into belly?
  11. T

    Moving from gel to cypionate - do you guys feel better on injectables?

    I'm going to ask a questions that have been asked a bunch of times before. I'm moving from gel to cypionate, even though my levels on the gel are reasonable. A few things: * I seem to be very sensitive to medium-high levels of E2 * I have high levels of SHBG. 1. Have any of you felt that...
  12. R

    Started Sub Q ?

    I have started doing sub q injection and it burns once the injection is done is something wrong?
  13. R

    Now on sub q syringe numbers

    Now I'm on subq 40 units 2 times a week 180mg. How do you calculated the the units into mg?
  14. L

    Guys on daily SubQ

    So after talking at length with my doctor yesterday, I will be doing daily sub q injections, starting on Monday. For those of you who do daily subQ and testosterone only (no hcg or AI etc), what daily dose do you use, what daily dose do you feel best at and where does that put your numbers? He...
  15. F

    Balance Acne TRT Side Effects and Symptom Relief

    Hello, I am a 31 y.o male who has been on and off TRT for around 5+ years. I've recently had a problem finding a balance in receiving the benefits of TRT without side effects. When I dose TRT at 2x60mg per week (120mg total), I have complete symptom resolution. However, I have noticed at the...
  16. bochinit

    31g insulin syringes

    Anyone here using 31g to inject subcutaneous? I am using and it's very confortable, no pain. But I find it harder to push the piston. Advices to make easyer and faster?
  17. R

    Sub-Q injections becoming more painful, why?

    Hi there, been injecting for about 5 weeks now, sub-q and abdominally with a 29g needle. At first, painless but injections this morning and Saturday were much more painful. I just found another injection site on my stomach which was much better after the initial painful prick. Is the pain due...
  18. T

    SubQ question

    Hey guys I’m a couple weeks into TRT current protocol is: T Cyp 200 mg/ml – 0.35 ml IM/SQ twice weekly. HCG 500 iu SQ twice weekly. I would like to inject subQ and have read lots of differing opinions on needle size. I was prescribed 1ml Luer Lock syringes with 25g 5/8” needles and my...
  19. T

    Weekly Subq injections

    How many days between injections I'm currently doing 1 injection weekly subq if I cut it in half how many days between injections
  20. G

    How can you use glass ampoules multiple times for divided doses?

    Hi just received my Sustanon 250 but it comes in glass sealed ampoules rather than rubber sealed tops, any suggestions on how to proceed in use with a divided dose schedule? I suppose this has been discussed before but I am new to the whole injection thing having in the past used oral and...
  21. Z

    SUBQ dr crisler method

    So I have been doing SUBQ injections in the stomach. My needle size is 27g 1/2. Anyways I was on YouTube the other day and saw dr crislers post on YouTube about sub q injections (may he Rest In Peace) he was saying when you inject your not supposed to grab the fatty tissue on your stomach. But...
  22. T

    Subcutaneous Injections

    I am injecting cypionate subcutaneously x2 weekly, and can’t seem to get my test (free & total) anywhere near my IM injection #’s. They are consistently 25-30% lower. Has anyone heard of, or experienced poor absorption going subcutaneous? Does it take longer to stabilize? How to Inject...
  23. Z

    New protocol

    So after going over labs today with my doctor. (Not going to post them, just because essentially from all the research I have done on this forum and others things seemed pretty normal.) I will just post the basics real quick tbiugh TT-917 E2 (ultra sensitive)-17 SHGB- 26 Prolactin- I can’t...
  24. T

    Subcutaneous Split Transition - Complete Labs

    I posted a couple weeks ago, seeking advice on managing my dose, and transitioning from a 140mg weekly IM injection to a 70mg 2x weekly sub q regiment. I feel like my estrogen is somewhat stabile with .15 Arimidex at injection time. The labs support this notion. It’s only been a couple weeks...
  25. T

    Sub Cuetaneous Transition

    I have been battling high estrogen, for a few months. After posting my challenges on here, I received great advice - split my dose of 140 weekly, in 2 - 70 mg doses. I started out by doing .35 dex at injection time and I tanked, went to .25 tanked, so this week I didn’t take any with injections...
  26. G

    SubQ and the needle size

    has anyone failed with subQ using standard insulin syringe? I had been injecting T Prop in the muscle 50 mg 3 times a week and my libido became huge. when I went to 35mg EOD but SubQ, it didn't work at all. So I can think of two reasons: 1) SubQ needle was to short 2) I kept the open vials and...
  27. Nelson Vergel

    Pharmacokinetic Profile of Subcutaneous Testosterone

    The study used 50 mg vs 100 mg testosterone enanthate per week subcutaneously with a 27 gauge 5/8" needle. They also compared both to Pk of one IM shot of 200 mg. Sex Med. 2015 Sep 17;3(4):269-79. doi: 10.1002/sm2.80. eCollection 2015 Dec. Pharmacokinetic Profile of Subcutaneous Testosterone...
  28. Nelson Vergel

    Antares Pharma Reports on Their Study Using Testosterone Subcutaneous Injections

    EWING, N.J., Jul 22, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Antares Pharma, Inc. today announced that the first patient has been dosed in a double-blind, multiple-dose, phase 3 study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of QuickShot® Testosterone (QS T) administered subcutaneously once each week to...
  29. P

    Subcutanous shots in back of upper arm

    Hello, This is not really testosterone related, but maybe it will be helpful for folks administering subcutaneous shots. I receive allergy shots a couple times a month, and they always administer subcutaneously with an insulin syringe, in the upper arm at the tricep. Immediately after the...
  30. E

    SC injections testosterone enanthate in castor oil

    Today was my 4th experiance with sc injection of TRT. In general I feel great after long time of stragling with Androgel and testomax (both gels) and IM Nebido 1000mg/4ml. I am using now Testoviron Depot (Bayer) which is testosterone enanthate 250 mg/ml in castor oil & benzyl benzoate. Up...
  31. Gene Devine

    Subcutaneous Administration of Testosterone

    Here's the only study I found that supports the use of subcutaneous injections of Testosterone. Subcutaneous administration of testosterone. A pilot study report. - PubMed - NCBI Subcutaneous administration of testosterone. A pilot study report. Abstract OBJECTIVE: To investigate the...
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