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  1. I

    Deep IM vs shallow IM

    I'm trying to do only deep IM injections, noticing this works best for me. Sub-q is out of the question, but also I've done a 6-8 weeks of shallow IM when I have used cypionate and my levels were not where they should have been for the given dose. I've injected in delts and ventroglute with 29g...
  2. T

    Higher Numbers on IM vs SQ

    I've injected SQ since starting TRT two years ago. In my search to lower E or at least the effects and to benefit from TRT, I started injecting my deltoids, for this blood work cycle. That was the only change. My total T was up by 300 and my FT was up by about 80 and my ASL was outside the...
  3. Robotics

    Anyone inject inner thigh? Getting Muscle Spasms (daily injector)

    I am a daily injector (29 gauge 1/2 inch) I was injecting outer thigh shallow IM for a while, concerned about scar tissue moved over to inner thigh (which is more fatty). Has worked well so far, but had the expect increase in E2 and decrease in TT as most see with a move to sub-q, though it is...
  4. Z

    Injection locations

    Hello, so I just went back on injections. It’s been over a year and a half since I was on them and sort of forgot the good spots for injecting. I am doing my upper thigh for sub Q. But I remember hearing the stomach was pretty good for sub Q. What was the benefits of sub q over IM? Also my e2...
  5. R

    Started Sub Q ?

    I have started doing sub q injection and it burns once the injection is done is something wrong?
  6. R

    Now on sub q syringe numbers

    Now I'm on subq 40 units 2 times a week 180mg. How do you calculated the the units into mg?
  7. N

    Will heating testosterone degrade it?

    My doctor asked if I wanted to switch to injecting with insulin needles, I tried it and it takes forever to draw from the bottle. I read that you can heat it and draw at least 3x faster. Would this degrade the quality of the testosterone? as always thank you.
  8. S

    Big Drop in T going from IM to Sub-Q. Why?

    Last month my total T was 800. My protocol was 80mg weekly Test Cyp divided in 2 doses with 250 units HCG twice a week. I switched to sub-q injections, same exact protocol except I increased the HCG to 350 units twice weekly. Had blood draw Monday. After being on this protocol for 4 weeks my...
  9. E

    Is subq less effective for some?

    Hi all, I’m 7 weeks into TRT with defy. I’m 40. Was in the mid 400’s TT since my mid 20s and finally felt too low so made the switch from Clomid monotherapy to TRT. Currently at 80mg twice a week. Been doing subq. Felt an immediate lift in mood, morning erections, muscle fullness, etc for the...
  10. Z

    EOD question

    Was wondering with EOD injections what your dose per week equals. Say someone was doing 30mg EOD would that equal 120mg a week? And if you go up by 10mg does that just add 30mg per week. So say it was 40mg EOD would that equal 150mg per week? And so on. Because some weeks it’s 3 days a week...
  11. F

    Headaches with subq

    I do 60mg monday/thursday IM injections no AI. Never any problems unless a miss a day then I get a headache. I started subQ this week and did monday/thursday. 24 hour after each injection the headaches started. They come and go so my e2 is not horribly low but it did go down. Does it take longer...
  12. M

    Nodule/Lump from Sub Q Testosterone shot in abdomen.

    Just tried sub q test for the first time a couple of days ago and unfortunately a small lump/nodule has formed. The skin is also red around the area. It's not overly sore but is tender to the touch. I read that nodules can occur from time to time so hopefully its nothing more than that ie...
  13. T

    Thigh Sub Q

    What's up everyone? I'm trying to do sub q into my thigh just so I'm not doing all my shots in my stomach area just for rotation. How high up on your thigh do you do it? I'm going to be using a 30G 1/2 inch needle. Do any of you use sub q thigh area?
  14. T

    Sub Q Injections

    Why is it that every doctor that I have told that I am doing sub q injections are like "Those are supposed to be done via Intramuscular." Even the nurses at the place I'm getting my testosterone has said the same thing. It's very annoying. I have to tell them to look at my chart where it says...