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  1. G

    Applying Critical Thinking to Longevity Research: Video from Chris Masterjohn

    The linked video has IMO a lot of great points that everyone who follows the developments in this area should be aware of. It's very relevant for the IMO over-rated concept of calorie restriction and the anti-Growth Hormone arguments, and lots of other topics as well:
  2. R

    Latest Anti-TRT hype before study results are even released

    Touted as the "latest in the medical saga that started 15 years ago when testosterone which for decades had been used mainly in rare clinical circumstances, increasingly is prescribed for middle-aged and older men whose testosterone levels decline" MedPageToday "reports"...
  3. C

    Any studies that show that HCG improves libido ? How do I get a HCG prescription?

    Hi, I recently had an operation for a craniopharyngioma, a benign brain tumor. It was located near the pituitary gland so after the operation my pituitary gland was damaged so that it doesn't produce any hormones anymore. I now take all the hormones in pill-form, and use androgel to raise my...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Many Clinical Trial Results Are Never Published

    We only get to see what pharmaceutical companies want us to see. Hardly any negative data is published. "A new analysis of 585 large, randomized clinical trials registered with finds that 29 percent have not been published in scientific journals. In addition, nearly 78...
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