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  1. Z

    SUBQ dr crisler method

    So I have been doing SUBQ injections in the stomach. My needle size is 27g 1/2. Anyways I was on YouTube the other day and saw dr crislers post on YouTube about sub q injections (may he Rest In Peace) he was saying when you inject your not supposed to grab the fatty tissue on your stomach. But...
  2. J

    Fragment 176-191

    Does anyone have any experience with Fragment 176-191. i can seem to get ride of my gut. Without loosing muscle mass or size. Curious to know if anyone has any experience with this fragment. And what dosage would you take just to target belly fat? thanks
  3. J

    Any suggestions on how to get rid of gut after starting meds

    I was diagnosed Feb 2014. And started meds (Stribild) March of 2014. My initial cd4 was 150 and my viral load was around 103,0000. Before started meds i lost a lot of weight, which is what triggered me to get tested. Upon starting meds I weighed approx 165 pounds. Since being on meds I am now...
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