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    Open testosterone ampoule. Is it safe?

    I have testo that comes in blisters of 250mg x 1ml enanthate , wen the ampule is broken , the remains to the air, i have sterile vials , but the test does not contain benzil alcohol. Can i use it withóut fear of sterility?
  2. M

    HCG Mixing Needle, Sterility, discard after 1 month?

    Hi, I just started HCG. I have been on T-Cyp for years. The kit came with an 18G needle for mixing the water into the powder. This is a big needle and made a big hole in the rubber stopper. Maybe even bigger as I was pointing the water at the side of the vial. Today I did my second...
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    Insulin Needle Question and shout out To AllegroMedical

    Hey guys- not sure this is the right thread, so please feel free to move elsewhere if appropriate, mods. Quick shoutout to Allegro Medical- I ordered these 28g insulin syringes Monday night with 99c promo shipping. They estimated 7-10 days to Florida where I live and it showed up just after...
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