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  1. D

    TRT + Low Dose SSRI ...anyone doing this protocol?

    Most of us have probably seen one of the many threads by @madman which are great for explaining PSSD (Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction). However, this post targeted towards using a VERY low dose ssri for helping with allopregnenolone issues. There is an existing thread on this topic but I just...
  2. tareload

    The serotonin theory of depression: a systematic umbrella review of the evidence (20 July 2022)

    It is often assumed that the effects of antidepressants demonstrate that depression must be at least partially caused by a brain-based chemical abnormality, and that the apparent efficacy of SSRIs shows that serotonin is implicated. Other explanations for the effects of antidepressants have been...
  3. G

    Ssri discontinued/libido ED problems

    I’ve been on T for two and a half years now with inconsistent libido (the cream being more beneficial than shots). Before I got on trt my sexual function was fine. Last year I took an ssri for about six months. I stopped taking it two months ago because I thought my ED was from the drug but I’m...
  4. N

    TRT was going great!

    All in all I’ve been in doctor prescribed TRT for over two years now. I’ve been with defy for about a year now, the majority of the last year year has been fantastic since dealing with doctors that really know their shit. I went through a break up this spring and my doctor put me on Zoloft, I...
  5. Vince Carter

    Docu: Letters from Generation Rx

    Currently on Amazon Prime...focuses on SSRI's and psychosis/psychotic episodes/suicide of those taking the drugs such as Paxil/Zoloft/Prozac/et al..,
  6. S

    Optimal TRT Strategy for low SHBG guys; SSRI effects; HCG vs. T injections effect on polycythemia

    Hi everyone, I've been reading here for a little over a year and I've found this site most educational. Thank you to Nelson for all the informative material on this website (I also enjoyed your book which I bought on Amazon) and for everyone else here who contributes information and shares...
  7. N

    Antidepressants hormonal effect

    I've recently stopped taking an SSRI (escitalopram) and have since noticed high estrogen symptoms. Is there any evidence and/or experience that this drug or dru class can effect estrogen levels or estrogen response?
  8. C

    4 weeks on TRT - anxiety advice

    Hey everyone, I had an appointment with Dr. Saya at the beginning of Nov. and have been on Testosterone Cypionate 70 mg and 3.5 ml of HCG every 3.5 days (2x week, so 140 mg t-cyp) since then (4 weeks). So, I have had anxiety problems most of my life (that are hereditary) and had been on...
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