splitting dose

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  1. B

    Going to give nebido another shot! Split protocol this time...

    I´m decided to try Nebido again after playing around with compounded T cream for 4 month and not enjoying it so much for a number of reasons... However this time I want to try and see if I can feel more stable emotionally and energy wise if I split the dosage weekly ( daily protocols are not...
  2. T

    enclomiphene 50mg split into 6.25mg

    Is it possible to split a 50mg tablet into 6.25mg doses? The 50mg tablets are all that's available. i'm considering buying tablet capsules and adding crushed tablets roughly dosed since accurate scales would be expensive. Maybe someone with more experience has a better idea.
  3. B

    Trough for once weekly vs twice weekly

    My Dr wants me injecting 100mg once weekly and blood taken at trough the day before injecting. I have been splitting it up to 50mg e3.5d. what kind of difference would be expected in the blood work between those two schedules. If I inject Monday am and Thursday am then draw Sunday will the...
  4. T

    Subcutaneous Split Transition - Complete Labs

    I posted a couple weeks ago, seeking advice on managing my dose, and transitioning from a 140mg weekly IM injection to a 70mg 2x weekly sub q regiment. I feel like my estrogen is somewhat stabile with .15 Arimidex at injection time. The labs support this notion. It’s only been a couple weeks...
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    Sub Cuetaneous Transition

    I have been battling high estrogen, for a few months. After posting my challenges on here, I received great advice - split my dose of 140 weekly, in 2 - 70 mg doses. I started out by doing .35 dex at injection time and I tanked, went to .25 tanked, so this week I didn’t take any with injections...
  6. Z

    Splitting doses 3 times a week???!?

    I have read on here that a lot of people do sub Q injections ‘twice a week’ to manage there T and E. I am starting to read that more and more people are now splitting there injections 3 times a week. Would this help even more to keep T and E at an even level? Because i hate the up and down I...
  7. L

    Spitting Doses of Sust 250

    Hi All, For those of you familiar with some of my posts, Ive been on TRT since start of the year and never really got dialled in. In short started the first 3 months on nebido with zero improvement and then moved to sust 250 with mixed results but had symptoms of high e2 but no access to...
  8. J

    Split dose (2x weekly) and blood draw timing

    About 4 weeks ago I went to 2x weekly split dose of Cyp. My doctor told me to always inject weekly so he can test at the trough. He does not know I am doing 2x weekly (50%). When I was on .75mls/150mg per week I was finding I would feel crummy by the 5th day. After splitting the dose I feel more...
  9. D

    splitting TRT dose

    Hi, i just recently asked my doctor if i could split my 140mg of testosterone enthanate to to twice a week. So i'm gonna do mon/thurs. My question is can splitting your dose have a more anabolic effect. My theory is since the spikes won't be as high, causing less of the T to aromatase into...
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