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  1. C

    Once weekly Clomid?

    Just wondering if there would be any benefit (or harm) with a once weekly 25mg dose of Clomid? I've been off test (80mg test-cyp weekly) for over 3 months now. I'm feeling better (although my desire for sex is quite low)...After stopping the test, I initially started CLomid 12.5mg daily then eod...
  2. J

    Side effects awful TRT

    I’m seeing all the positives from people with TRT which is great. However I’m 5 weeks in on 125 total, injecting twice a week with HCG and an AI and feel terrible. I feel so out of whack and have bad headaches, horrible anxiety and palpitations. I redid my labs this week early as they think it...
  3. P

    Side effect (Feet Swelling) questions and AI

    47 year old male, overweight- High blood pressure and cholesterol, High A1c and IGF-1. Sleep apnea treated with CPAP for last 8 months. I started TRT back in August 2018. My primary care Dr. suspected low T after suspected Gynecomastia (later confirmed with Ultrasound & monogram). Low T was...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone Side Effects- By Lee Myers

    Another great article from my friend Lee Myer on testosterone side effects. A must read:
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