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  1. W

    When to check labs?

    If I inject cypionate on MWF in the evening time when do I check the levels? Do I check on Monday morning before my evening shot or the morning of Tuesday or Thursday when I don't inject?
  2. Crom_is_good

    Dosing question

    Hello everyone! As some of you know I started my 160mg of cypionate once a week on Oct 3. I was very receptive to the treatment. Morning erections came back the second week and mood really improved. No more hitting the snooze button in the morning and so on...
  3. W

    How should I start on shots?

    I may start on shots because I am tired of applying the cream and to avoid contact with others at home. Is 100mg of Cypionate a week a good place to start or is 50mg twice a week better to avoid peaks and lows and to avoid getting a high E2? My current SHBG is 15.
  4. T

    A Few Questions

    Hi all, usually my leg doesn't hurt for long after giving an IM injection into the thigh. This time though it has been hurting a little longer and there kinda feels like a small lump in there? Is that just scar tissue? Also, how do you rotate injection sites - for example, i can't remember the...
  5. T

    Where can I buy Hcg for my TRT?

    Hi Everyone, Quick question. I just got blood tests done and am awaiting the results. I may be starting on shots of testosterone soon twice a week along with an AI. My doctor was telling me that he wanted to put me on HCG to preserve my fertility. Is that really necessary? The front desk lady...
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