1. D

    Current TRT Patient (Defy) - Which Labs Should I Order for Sexual Dysfunction

    I have been on Test Cyp (70mg IM twice weekly) and HCG (500 IU SQ twice weekly) since 09/2018. These dosages have put my trough TT between 752-1174 ng/dl and trough FT between 23.2-32 pg/dl. My Estradiol (sensitive) on these dosages has always been 20-25. The problem prompting this post is...
  2. Mountain Man

    Estradiol and Penile Sensitivity

    Can anyone tell me what the relationship is between estrogen and penis sensitivity? What would be the result of high estrogen levels and what's likely to be the result of the low estrogen levels. Thanks guys.
  3. T

    Penile sensitivity

    Has anyone had low penis sensitivity thus making it hard to orgasm and been able to resolve it? I am already with defy and waiting for my e2 to rise but I don't know if that's it. I have never been a "quick" guy but now it's getting tough to finish. Any help is appreciated?
  4. Joe Martin

    Nipple pain

    So I'm currently on a slow but definite progressive path with TRT. I'm on 100mg / week of Test C. I split this into two doses. I'm working with my GP, because during this season of life I'm simply unable to afford Defy. My GP is very very open to everything I've suggested thus far. My last...