1. C

    when to donate blood

    my hematocrit is slightly high at 50.5%. my red blood cell count is high at 6.59 million/uL but my ferritin is low at 11ng/ml and my iron is low at 45 mcg/dL. I'm really concerned about my high RBC and wondering if i should donate with my iron and ferretin so low.
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone replacement therapy and its effect on bone marrow

    Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.11, p.654-657, 2017 Title: Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and its effect on bone marrow. How serious is it and is there a true polyglobulia? Author: M. Levcikova, J. Breza Jr, J. Luha, J. Dubravicky, E. Kovacova, J. Fillo Abstract: INTRODUCTION...
  3. C

    High RBC, Low MHC - Causes? Concerns?

    I'm 41 and started TRT Novemeber 2016. Currently on Test. Cyp. (IM) and HCG (SQ) every other day and 25 mg DHEA twice daily (From Defy). I have an appointment in July. Just had blood work and have some questions. Here are the highlights. T total = 932 (up from ~200 pre-TRT, feeling...
  4. T

    Polycythemia? Tests Are In Range

    Hi everyone, 1 began trt around September 2016 after a long battle with the symptoms of low T. Tried everything under the sun prior to no avail. My basic question is, can a man have blood ranges all within rage on the CBC any still feel very unwell due to thicker more viscious blood? I...