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  1. C

    A different dosing strategy with bremelanotide (PT-141) yields dramatically better results

    TL;DR: It may be possible to improve results with bremelanotide by taking multiple daily micro-doses. Like many, I have experimented with bremelanotide at the recommended doses, which range from a few hundred micrograms up to a couple milligrams in one subcutaneous injection. And also like...
  2. S

    PT-141 question

    Why does PT-141 raise Blood Pressure of hours?
  3. S

    Has anyone had any really bad sides with PT-141?

    I got a 10mg bottle of PT-141 from Peptide Sciences. Wanted to run an experiment to see if it works... 1mg and then if nothing happens go to 2 and then if nothing happens, trash the bottle. I can't pull the trigger as I have been reading about some really bad cases of nausea. Has anyone had...
  4. F

    PFS Sufferer. Frank PT-141 Experience

    PFS: Post-finasteride syndrome PFS since 2019. Healthy male, 40's, also had two cycles of accutane in 1990s with complete loss of libido during those cycles. I am on TRT 30 units every 3 days with T of around 1,000. I started Clomid and ED meds during the finesteride use without connecting any...
  5. G

    Positive first impression with PT-141

    Have struggled with libido and ED despite a well tuned TRT regimen. Injected 1.5 mg of PT-141 at 5:30 PM today. The script says 1-2mg, so I went right down the middle. It took forever to work, probably 4-5 hours (script said 45 minutes) but it gave incredible and lasting erections with the...
  6. Pacman

    What are your experiences with PT-141? (as an aphrodisiac)

    I found this thread submitted by @Nelson Vergel : PT 141 forum But it is only general information. Does anyone here use PT-141 for assistance with arousal? How has it been? I just got approved for this treatment since I have been disinterested in sex recently... (I haven't felt the need to...
  7. S

    PT-141 and Trimix?

    Just putting my feelers out there before I experiement myself. Has anyone used both PT-141 and Trimix? Since they work on seperate systems I don't think there will be much of a chance of complications but just curious what you guys think. Thanks!
  8. S

    Why so little info on Bremelanotide (PT-141-Vyleesi)?

    There is an astonishing lack of talk on here about a drug which attempts to address something that we talk about all the time and have zero tools to fix - libido. Now that we have multiple phase three studies to review on Pubmed and an FDA approved product perhaps we need to start gathering...
  9. O

    The Amazing Bremelanotide PT-141 (Vyleesi)

    And you thought Viagra was expensive when it came out. Interesting article on PT-141 here: The Absolutely Amazing ED medicine Bremelanotide PT-141 You will need a second on your mortgage if your lady wants to try it out: Amag’s female libido injectable therapy to sell at $899 | Physician's...
  10. G

    PT-141 officially FDA approved (for women)

    FDA approves new treatment for hypoactive sexual desire disorder in premenopausal women PT-141 AKA Bremelanotide AKA Vyleesi approved. This should open up a whole new focus on the melanocortin system and allow for crowdsourcing the best dosing/timing. It seems something good is happening in...
  11. Gemini99

    Has anyone used PT-141 to improve erections?

    I am curious re: the peptide PT-141. It sounds like it is useful for those suffering from ED and sex drive/sexual satisfaction issues. Does anyone here have experience with this? Is it safe to use? What kind of dosage?? Regards, Gemini99
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