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  1. S

    Another score for meat-only (carnivore) diet against deranged autoimmunity

  2. S

    Psoriasis anyone?

    I recently developed plaque psoriasis on one elbow, and now spreading to the other elbow. Doc gave me some steroid ointment which clears it right up, but soon returns again. I am told this will be a lifetime proposition. Just curious if anyone on her had had this issue.
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Hypogonadal men with psoriasis benefit from testosterone

    [h=3]Hypogonadal men with psoriasis benefit from long-term testosterone replacement therapy – a series of 15 case reports Summary[/b] Psoriasis is increasingly recognised as a skin disease with far-reaching systemic effects, associated with a high prevalence of comorbid disease such as...
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