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  1. B

    6 months into TRT - minimal effects - no libido - thinking of stopping?

    So I'm going to preface this. Now that I know what I know from researching myself rather than just listening to doctors- I don't think I should have ever been put on TRT. About 4 years ago I started having massive fatigue, loss of motivation, couldnt bring myself to the gym, couldnt lose...
  2. Pnw0031

    2 years of insomnia on Test C- various dosages

    Hello everyone, I have been dealing with severe insomnia while on testosterone cypionate for the past two years. Used androgel (sorry I do not remember the dose) for years prior. Testicular cancer survivor, can’t get off trt. I’ve tried various regimes and protocols and tricks and I’m going...
  3. 6

    Rate my protocol

    I am zeroing in on 10 weeks of Test Cyp at 200mg/week. 33 y/o male. Free test prior was 49 pg/mL. Total was 245.9 ng/dL. My doc who is also a younger male, also taking TRT, gave me a protocol of weekly injection of 200mg testosterone cypionate. No other medications. He’s going to check for...
  4. D

    4 weeks into Testosterone. Have a few questions about current protocol and the reason why I started.

    Bloods Right before beginning TRT. Hematocrit - 44.9% PSA - 1.220 ng/ml Testosterone Total - 337 ng/dl Free Testosterone - 74 pg/ml SHBG - 22nmol/l LH - 5.69 mIU/mL FSH - 2.37 IU/L E2 - 13.4 pg/ml DHEA - 281 ug/dl Growth Hormone - 0.06 ng/mL Thyroid panels were normal. Pituitary gland MRI -...
  5. B

    Going to give nebido another shot! Split protocol this time...

    I´m decided to try Nebido again after playing around with compounded T cream for 4 month and not enjoying it so much for a number of reasons... However this time I want to try and see if I can feel more stable emotionally and energy wise if I split the dosage weekly ( daily protocols are not...
  6. F

    Is There An I’m Doing Awesome Thread?

    Most of us wind up here because of struggles of one sort or another. I thought it might be useful to start a thread based purely on success stories. If this already exists, please disregard. Are you doing awesome? If so, please share your protocol and how long you have been doing awesome...
  7. W

    PCT plan

    There are a lot of different protocols I am finding about coming off TRT. I wish there was a straight forward plan. If you know of a good one please share with me. Here is what I plan so far: 1) 5 days after last Test E injection start protocol. 2) HCG 500IU per day for 2 weeks. 3) Then, 25mg...
  8. D

    Omicron - asymptomatic protocol?

    Hey guys, omicron is at my place of work in the form of two employees testing positive but without serious symptoms. Seems like Covid protocols for supplements and such were suggested earlier. I'm just trying to gather ideas here. I'm taking 10k iu vitamin D, B complex, gram or two of C, E...
  9. A

    TRT + Nandrolone New Protocol

    I have been on TRT for the past 5 months and it has been life changing. In my last consult with my Dr, however, I brought up my history of debilitating joint and tendon pain that I've dealt with for years and we decided to add in Nandrolone decanoate to my protocol while reducing my Test cyp...
  10. A

    Has anyone use retinol for acne?

    I know many have experience with Accutane, and claim that they cleared their Acne up permanently, But does anyone have experience with retinol, which is essentially topical Accutane? since upping my dose, I’ve experienced a bit of acne. But I don’t want to take Accutane due to the long-term...
  11. I

    Short vs long esters

    Hello. I very much hope the great people and expertise in this forum to be able to help me. And my case is quite complicated. As described in my other thread I transferred from sustanon to enanthate 9 weeks ago. I felt good in week 5, but now I feel bad and I feel bad in a very specific way...
  12. R

    Magnesium zinc and trt

    So I’ve heard it’s healthy to supplement with a daily magnesium and zinc supplement because it’s hard to get these minerals in foods nowadays . I’m curious if magnesium or zinc supplementation affects the testosterone half life, efficiency, or effects it in a positive or negative manner ...
  13. M

    New labs. Not sure where to go from here? Need advice.

    Hi everyone, not my first post but this seemed the most appropriate section to post this. I just got my latest lab work back, first full set since august. I’m approaching my 2 year mark on trt and I’m wondering where I go from here? First year I was on test cyp 140mg/week and ranged up to 160...
  14. A

    Experience Pinning EOD vs Every 3.5 Days?

    Thinking about switching to EOD injections, hoping to get more stability. Has anyone gone from 2 times a week to EOD? how did you feel? how did your bloodwork change? Also, I have high SHBG naturally and have read that frequent injections are recommended for guys with low SHBG. would it be...
  15. DixieWrecked

    How long did it take you to dial in?

    I know that Madman preaches patience and that it can take up to four months from the time a protocol change occurs to dial in. I whole heartedly support that. I am just curious what other's experiences are. How long did it take you from the time you changed your protocol to feel dialed in?
  16. U

    protocol suggestion

    Hello all, was hoping to get suggestions. For the past few years I have been taking 100mg every 3.5 days along with .25-.5 mg of anastrozole with each injection. Lab results from bloodwork at trough, right before next injection: Total MS Testosterone 888 ng/dL (250-1100) Dialysis free...
  17. D

    HCG protocols?

    Hi, my doc has recommended 500iu hcg on days 3 & 5 alongside my once a week cyp injection. I'm thinking days 4 & 6 might work better? Don't see alot of hcg protocols for trt when googling. Any thoughts? TIA
  18. G

    Pregnenolone, missing piece?

    Just wondering if pregnenolone has been the missing puzzle piece in anyone’s protocol, and if things finally clicked when they added it. Thanks.
  19. 3

    HCG and Testosterone Cypionate and wife is pregnant!!!!

    Attached is my recent sperm analysis (July 1st, 2020) and my HCG & T protocol. For the past 2.5 years I’ve been taking 300 IU’s .1 2x week HCG and 80mg .4 2x week T Cyp. My testes have mild atrophy, but decent sperm load and I notice a difference the longer I go without HCG. I decided to get...
  20. W

    Fundamental Protocol Changes

    For men that never achieved subjective success in regards to libido and ED from initial TRT protocols, I have read some having achieved success with scrotal T Creams. Has anyone else done a complete change to protocol in a different manner and found success? If so, what did you do. For this...
  21. DixieWrecked

    Disobeying the Doc

    My doc prescribed me 180mg test cyp weekly every 3.5 days. Also 1000iu of HCG weekly e3.5 days. I did that for about 2.5 months, got my bloodwork done and did my consult. We agreed to keep it the same cuz everything looked good. We scheduled a follow up 6 months later. About 1-2 weeks later...
  22. A

    Switching from Gel to Cypionate Injections

    Howdy all. I self-prescribed myself to T Gel 3 months ago, the results were amazing in getting rid of my symptoms (low energy, depression, bad sleep, poor recovery, etc - despite a healthy diet and all). Anyway fast forward 3 months, I realized I'll be doing this long term so I hooked up with...
  23. R

    Water Retention and Rapid Weight Gain Caused by Testosterone

    I'm in my sixth week of treatment and have gained ~12 lbs of water weight (6'3" and have gone from 185 to 197) and have slight nipple sensitivity. My initial protocol was: .43 Testosterone, twice a week = 1.72 every two weeks (Using two week intervals to smooth out the results) .50 HCG, twice a...
  24. S

    Thoughts on protocol change

    I've been doing 50mg Cypionate 3x per week (150mg per week total) for a long time. Wondering if anyone thinks there would be any noticeable, negative difference if I changed to 75mg 2x per week.
  25. O

    Very high trt starting dose?

    After looking over my latest blood results my doctor made the decision to start me on trt. My test levels were 9nmo/l and she also said my gh levels were at 50% of what they should be. Everything else came back good (Estradiol, liver, kidney, shbg etc) My concern is the starting dose of 250mg...
  26. T

    Please Read - Protocol Change...

    So, after my hematocrit rose to 54% on 100 mg testosterone (1233 ng/dl peak, 704 ng/dl trough) enanthate once weekly injections , I decided six weeks ago to change my protocol to twice weekly injections, @ 40 mg each. Morning Wood has completely disappeared, libido is pretty low, and actually I...
  27. J

    Review of my first nine months on TRT, still dialing it in

    Hi all - I'm about 9 months into this and still figuring it out, wanted to get some feedback. 57-y/o, fairly fit, 180lbs, 6'1", daily exerciser. Here's my history. 2009: felt like crap, Total testosterone 300, started daily transdermal testosterone (compounded) with primary care doc. Felt good...
  28. A

    probably being prescribed sustanon-250 every 3 weeks; options?

    Hi all, ----- I'm cross-posting this (with some alteration) from the All Thing Male forums, where I used to be somewhat more active in the past. I hope that's all right. In the extremely unlikely chance someone has the time or interest to read my history, it's all there on ATM forums. Please...
  29. Z

    MWF protocol

    I just started this week on my new MWF 50mg each injection. The first week has been okay. I am going to avoid an AI if I can. I was just wondering if their are any members on here who do specifically 3 days a week and how it’s been going for them??? Thanks!
  30. J

    Testosterone shots and gel usage together

    I read an article about a Dr prescribed gel and shots, with the idea that the gel would provide a quick pick up. Can't find the article. Has anyone tried this? I'm on .30 ml of 200mg test cypinate 3x weekly, 350 iu of hcg 3x weekly and .25mg of ai 3x weekly. 48yo.last lab results(3 months ago)...
  31. B

    How quickly my body burns through SUS250 over 2 weeks (Graph using bloodwork)

    Hey team, I've been getting bloodwork every few days to show my urologist how silly it is to do a 1ml injection of Sus250 every three weeks. Thought you might be interested to see just how fast it burns up! This is over a 13 day period. Results: 2 Days after injection: Total Testosterone...
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