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  1. D

    Whey and egg protein alternative

    avid lifter and fitness guy here. I have developed some problems that the doc think may be related to my diet. I have been eating a bodybuilder diet for the last 18 years, with a lot of my protein consumption revolving around whey protein and eggs. I am going to try to eliminate these from my...
  2. sokaiya

    I don't take protein for the numbers

    I do not use a protein supplement to increase the amount of protein in my diet. If you are not getting enough protein from your food, then your diet sucks. The reason i take a protein supplement is for overall health. You want something that boosts your immune system through immuno globulins...
  3. S

    How normal people get their protein macro?

    I looked at some diet (MATADOR intermittent diet) and for my body weight of about 160lb, I have to consume about 160 grams protein per day. Naive me always thought that means just 160 grams of meat. Checking the nutritional value info for chicken, beef, and fish: all are about 25% protein by...
  4. PeacefulWarrior

    Protein bars

    Hello! I like protein bars because it's good source of energy as for me. Sometimes i can't have a good meal because of my job, so this snacks help me to up my protein levels. What is your favorite protein bar? And how often do you eat them?
  5. J

    Whey Protein

    What would you use for lean muscle gain,, i was looking for one that tastes good with water because all of them taste good with milk lol..
  6. Nelson Vergel

    How much protein do you need to gain muscle?

    What if you want to gain muscle? Wilson & Wilson (2006) conducted an extensive review of the literature on protein intake and nitrogen balance. That review suggests that a protein intake beyond 25 percent of what is necessary to achieve a nitrogen balance of zero would have no effect on muscle...
  7. F

    BEST FOODS while on TRT

    I am trying to gain good weight. What are your favorite lean proteins, good carbs and favorite veggies to gain good muscle weight while keeping fat low?
  8. Nelson Vergel

    What's the best protein for building muscle and how does it work?

    I highly recommend this video. It is a little long but worth it if you want to learn more about what is the best protein for muscle growth
  9. Nelson Vergel

    The effects of consuming a high protein diet (4.4 g/kg/d) on body composition in resistance-trained

    The effects of consuming a high protein diet (4.4 g/kg/d) on body composition in resistance-trained individuals. Authors Antonio J, et al. Journal J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2014 May 12;11:19. doi: 10.1186/1550-2783-11-19. Affiliation Abstract BACKGROUND: The consumption of dietary protein is...
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