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  1. T

    Have any of you dealt with prolactin issues?

    Sometimes I wonder if my issues with E2 have to do with prolactin levels. If I don't take a hefty dose of AI erection quality is poor, libido is not happening, unbelievably emotional, and sex seems to be one trigger for me becoming emotional. This never used to happen until a year ago. I have...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Cabergoline is Effective in Treating Prolactinomas in Men

    Very good study.
  3. J

    I Have a prolactinoma

    I recently had an mri because of an elevated prolactin level on blood work. There is a small mass on my pituitary gland. Im bringing this up on this forum because over the last few years there has been a backlash against ai's. There actually is some research showing elevated estrogen causing...
  4. D

    Etiology: What do you think caused your low T (hypogonadism)?

    Hey everyone, I had a though and felt I'd ask everyone. What do you think caused your hypogonadism? I was thinking about my etiology and realized I don't particularly have one. I did have an one sided orchiectomy (removal of testicle) for cryptorchidism, but that wouldn't have an effect on my...
  5. keithc2485

    Levels normal but PROLACTIN off the CHARTS.....

    here is a copy of my current blood tests... from last week.... on 50mgs of androgel a day ...before i freak out and think i have a tumor on my putuatoary gland (sorry i suck at spelling) i want to point out i am on an opoid.....which i know can raise prolactin......also i have been under severe...
  6. P

    Testosterone recovering after a prolactinoma

    About two years ago, when I was 37, I had a physical and asked for a testosterone test mainly because I knew my dad had problems when he was about my age (he died in 1994). It was 108 ng/dL (range 300-1000). I guess that should have set off alarm bells, but the doctor wasn't worried and just...
  7. L

    New member: Prolactinoma

    Greetings everyone. I am a 28 y/o male who is dealing with a prolactinoma that has caused my testosterone to go below normal (around 271) and prolactin too high (around 231) Long story short, the tumor has shrunken a bit since starting cabergoline( for 2years now) and brought my prolactin down...
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