progesterone cream

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    Anyone here taking progesterone?

    Any feedback on progesterone
  2. S

    Transdermal progesterone use in men

    I just got a trans-dermal (micronized) progesterone cream to try it to help me fall asleep at night. I am interested to hear male experiences about it, with or without TRT. How did it affect your sleep, libido, erection, orgasm, and testosterone levels if you measured those? The purported...
  3. A

    Progesterone cream affecting E2 test results?

    I have a question, I recently tested low on Progesterone and Cortisol and I started progesterone cream in 10mg a day before bed to get these up. These are results before progesterone supplementation: Cortisol (Serum) 6.6 ug/dL (10:18am) - Ref: 6.24-18 ug/dL Progesterone 0.19 ng/mL...
  4. You Gonna Learn Today

    Progesterone cream to reduce estrogen levels

    I've read a few sites on the good ol' interweb that some people use progesterone creams to help reduce estrogen levels and has even helped with gynecomastia as opposed to using aromatase inhibitors. Has anyone used it for this purpose or had experience with it?