penis enlargement

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  1. phalloguy100

    My experience with PRP, P-Shot, P-Long, Pumping, RestoreX and penis hang size

    Hi everyone. I’ve been receiving questions about my posts on the P-Long thread posted by Dr. Brandeis on PhalloBoards, so I thought I would share my experience here for the benefit of all. A few months ago, I decided to try a P-Shot (penis PRP injection) to help with E.D. I went to a clinic in...
  2. S

    penis enlargement

    I only have testosterone gel 1%w/w available, is it enough for penis enlargement, what should be the ideal dosage and usage time period for 40 yr old, suggest some routone and additional supplements, nmedicine which will help in maximising penis enlargement
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Growth Hormone plus Testosterone, but not T alone, Increase Penis Size in Rats with Micropenis

    "Although it is well known that penile growth is dependent on androgens, few clinical studies have reported successful treatment of micropenis with testosterone, likely due to concerns regarding the efficacy and safety of prolonged testosterone use. Thus, we assessed the synergistic effects of...
  4. A

    Penis Enlargement Exercises Let Get Real

    So I see on this site tools and surgeries etc and things to increase penis size and etc etc...but what about the manual exercises that guys swear by that it works. All the exercises like at have there been any studies at all on manual enlargement in girth and length by doing these...
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