panic attack

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    TRT isn't forever? Natural T came back? Lab results suggestions please

    Back in early 2018...Panic attacks started out of nowhere, heart acting weird, some stress, etc age 39 Total T = 295 Free T = 15 E2 = 9 Pretty low for everything right? Did clomid for a while, numbers went up all to normal ranges, even up to 1100TT at one point, maybe felt a little better...
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    Looking for advice, opinions and experiences

    Looking for advice and other's experience and opinions. My total T has been anywhere between 253 and 325 for the past few years...SHBG around 21-23 consistently. My doctor prescribed 100mg test cyp to start out, but left it up to me on how to split the dose and whether to pin IM or SubQ etc...
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    Questions for men on anastrozole who have crashed their E2 Levels

    I have a few questions for those who have crashed their e2 levels. How low did your E2 levels go? How long did it take to recover? Did anything help you raise your levels? I have searched on this and other forums and all I can see is that people have either upped their test dose, which for me...
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    Anxiety Attacks Recently For No Apparent Reason

    I have been on TRT since March of this year, 2018. I started on 200mgs of cypionate per week but in August I reduced the dose to 100mgs per week divided into two 50mgs injections on Monday and Thursday. The past two weeks I have been having severe anxiety attacks where I'll wake up with a rapid...