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  1. K

    Doctor visit today

    I’m new to the group and this is my first (probably of many ) questions. I’m currently not on trt I’m trying to get my primary doctor to prescribe my trt protocol. However she told me today that opioids lower testosterone, cause I was an addicted to percasets and currently clean. So that’s part...
  2. J

    TRT Halves Risk of Death in Opiod Users

    A new study reaffirms the benefits of TRT, at least among opioid users. The article says: There may be mortality, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular benefits from testosterone therapy among men with low testosterone due to opioid use, according to findings published in JAMA Network Open. Jasuja...
  3. Z

    Trt and suboxone (specifically)

    So I made sure to look if anyone has posted about this before, was unable to find anything about suboxone. I saw people post about opioids but not suboxone. I actually couldn’t find a lot on the internet either. I’m just wondering if there are people on here who are on testosterone therapy and...
  4. C

    Nearing 3rd month of TRT and feel like I am backsliding

    A little back story here. Began TRT in December of 2016 with my PCP. I was on 200mg every 2 weeks, for the first 3 injections (6 weeks), then 200mg once per month. Reddit helped me see this protocol was horrible, and PCP refused to budge. Since the pharmacy kept refilling me with 2 X 200mg 1ml...
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