no libido

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    When should ai start working?

    Took two doses of .5 Adex day after t shot and not feeling much! On 62.5 e3d, I did a tren test cycle before someone told me my prolactin can still be elevated have the opportunity to get some caber should I add it?
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    Extremely high e2?

    Just got my bloodwork had Ed for months! My e2 sensitive came back at 72! What would a good ai dose be? Have Arimidex on deck! On 125 mg of test!
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    TRT with no results

    Hello everyone. I need your help and guidance on my TRT protocol as it seems to give me no desired benefits. Im a white male, 43 years old, living in Thailand, have been on self medicated TRT for 8 months now. I started TRT due to symptoms which is low libido and weak erections. But first a...
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    New labs

    So most recent labs yes they drew the wrong estrogen I know lol doing daily sub q 20 mg day with hcg 150daily 25mg test cream scrotum every other day and anastrazole 0.20mg 2-3 times a week as needed ussually twice a week mood is better but energy and libido still not there any ideas have follow...
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    TRT, Weakness, Low Energy, and Dopamine?

    Sorry in advance for the long post. I want to be thorough. I have been on TRT for 8 weeks through Defy. Defy says my recent follw-up labs are perfect. I am experiencing no libido, poor sexual response, no drive or motivation, poor mood (apathy or emotional flatness), general weakness, and lack...
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    Could hcg be bad for me?

    Hey guys need some help. Have been on HCG mono 300iu for 3 years but never felt great. started to feel really bad and test came back at 177 total on hcg mono. Tried clomid for about 4 months. Total t (458) Felt better but got bad sides (blurry vision).started TRT 3 weeks ago 100mg cypionate...