nipple pain

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  1. F

    40 and lean, been on TRT for a while but only feel dialed in when making changes

    Hi everyone, I’m having a difficult time getting dialed in and I’m hoping I can get some insight from all of you. I’m 40, lean (15% BF) and exercise 3-4 times a week. My main challenge has been ED, erection quality, ability to maintain an erection and nipple pain. I try to be as objective as...
  2. Joe Martin

    Nipple pain

    So I'm currently on a slow but definite progressive path with TRT. I'm on 100mg / week of Test C. I split this into two doses. I'm working with my GP, because during this season of life I'm simply unable to afford Defy. My GP is very very open to everything I've suggested thus far. My last...
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