1. S

    TRT and Neurotransmitter Balance

    What effects, if any, does TRT have on neurotransmitters, particularly on serotonin? I know that in the initial stages of TRT, there is a pronounced effect on dopamine - I have been told that this is what causes the "honeymoon" that many guys experience. Are there neurotransmitter imbalances...
  2. T

    Neurotransmitter testing

    So I've been on TRT a few years. Tried injections, creams, HCG, AI's, DHEA, pregnenalone, and various combination of them all. I never really found the silver bullet I was looking for. By all accounts, my hormones are at optimal levels but my libido is very low and erections are so so with...
  3. Dr. John Crisler

    We Know Estrogen is a Sex Hormone, But is it Also a Neurotransmitter?

    My pal Dr. Mark Gordon just sent me this: This may explain why T gels are better for treating sexual dysfunction; they provide much more variability throughout the day. This would be in addition to increasing DHT more than shots (usually). It also...