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  1. C

    Nelson Vergel: Workout Routine

    Hi, Nelson. I found your posted workout routine, but really wanted to ask a couple of questions. What is your current workout routine, and which routine you’ve done over the years gave you the best and most optimal muscle gains? I did read at some point you were doing daily full body routines...
  2. N

    Question about my TRT current protocol

    31 years old here. 5’8, 160, I work out 4-5 times per week, decent diet. I was diagnosed with hypogonadism last year (June 2021). Test was at 210 (very low for 30 year old). Side effects were depression, anxiety, low energy, very low libedo, weak erections. So doc put me on 100MG injected into...
  3. S

    For Nelson Vergel, what’s your current protocol?

    Your build is what I’m looking to achieve, what’s your current protocol?
  4. Scott Myslinski

    Podcast with Nelson Vergel - on TRT, Anabolics, Surviving HIV, Homosexuality

    Hi folks - Long-time reader / lurker here! My name is Scott Myslinski. I've just had Nelson Vergel on my podcast, Making a Man, to talk about TRT, Anabolics, Surviving HIV, Homosexuality, and more. Check it out HERE and please let me know what you think...
  5. N

    Relationship between insulin resistance, estradiol, aromatase, testosterone replacement, and water retention

    Hello gentlemen, Nate here again. I have struggled to get dialed in on TRT for about 12 years. I have tried every protocol (never less than 8 weeks) other than Nebido (not interested). Everything from 50mg per week to 200mg per week, creams, gels, test prop/cyp blend and AI's. ED, EOD, E3D...
  6. Nelson Vergel

    The Most Popular Testosterone Questions Answered by Nelson Vergel on Quora

    What is something that almost nobody knows about testosterone? There are several things that your doctor may fail to tell you when you start testosterone replacement therapy (TRT): 1- TRT decreases your sperm count. 2- TRT may increase your blood viscosity (hematocrit). Some doctors want to stop...
  7. F

    Discounted Labs question

    Trying to set up some labs in SC. It says that SC is one of the states that is avail in but whenever I search my area no testing centers show up. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. bennettjc

    My Personal Account Of My Becoming A Member of The "TRT Community."

    A TRT Community Member’s Typical, but Difficult Journey
  9. bennettjc

    Response from LabCorp About Their Incorrect Unit Usages For Their Free Testosterone - Direct - Test

    I've been irked for a year by the apparent incorrect unit usage for the particular Free Testosterone test mentioned above. I periodically reach out to whatever relevant executive I can find. No luck for months until the below correspondence. In brief his explanation doesn't hold up in my view...
  10. S

    PE (premature ejaculation Tramadol)

    Anyone know of a doctor that will prescribe Tramadol for PE? SSRI's make me feel like absolute crap. Topicals make me too numb, or burn depending on what I use plus wife does not want topical stuff going into her..
  11. A

    Estrogen still crashed 7 weeks later!

    Just got bloods e2 is still at 12! My joints still ache my appetite is dead,mood went from female mindset to dead mono can’t feel emotions whatsoever! My test is at 1500+ Free t 408! I’m on 250 mg of test prop a week! I think all the dht conversion from test prop is keeping my e2 low! As I...
  12. N

    BPC157 and TB500 injection location for multiple connective tissue injuries

    Hi everyone, I have multiple tendon and ligament injuries throughout my body. Left achilles tendon insertion, left patellar tendon rupture, right SLAP tear of shoulder, right and left lower back strain, and left AC joint chronic sprain to name a few. I have TB500, BPC157, syringes and BAC water...
  13. N

    Nandrolone decanoate's effect on total testosterone lab value

    Hi everyone, If I am on 100mg t cyp per week and I add 50-75mg of nandrolone, how much will the nandrolone decanoate skew my total testosterone level? Thank you, Nate
  14. Y

    From India. Need help with E2 and HCG

    Hi Everyone, I live in India. TRT is unheard of here and I could use help from the members on Excelmale. I've consulted few doctors here and even the "TRT Specialist" I met doesn't have knowledge about TRT... he wanted me to cycle TRT and said that Estrogen level in men should be brought down...
  15. S

    Nebido for TRT

    Doctor put me on nebido 4ml one injection for 12 weeks. Has anyone used this for trt I noticed that after the 10th week I got bloods taking and my levels were below normal range.. mind you !! I took the injections over 2 stages 2ml first as I didn’t want to take 4ml in one go I was thinking it...
  16. P

    Doctor Finder - When will it be up and running?

    Hi Nelson, Any updates on when the doctor finder will be ready? You said around April. Any updates?
  17. S

    Hormone Health and Wellness Clinic

    Good Evening everyone, Has anyone heard of or had experiences with the Hormone Health and Wellness clinic located In Florida Run by a Dr. Kurt? Thanks for the help and assistance.
  18. S

    Greens Drinks Supplements

    Good Evening Everybody, I was curious what your thoughts are on a greens supplement to help with adding in more greens for the day as well as digestive support and a multivitamin replacement? There is a product called Nutrigen made by Morphogen Nutrition. He makes good products and has 3rd...
  19. W

    Empty sterile vial

    Hello, I am on Sustanon 250, I am using 62.5mg on Monday and 62.5mg on Thursday. I would like to know if it's safe to store the Sustanon on empty sterile vials. Since the prefilled syringe comes with 250mg and I need 125mg a week, can I inject 3 prefilled syringes in to the sterile vial and dose...
  20. D

    TRT, Weakness, Low Energy, and Dopamine?

    Sorry in advance for the long post. I want to be thorough. I have been on TRT for 8 weeks through Defy. Defy says my recent follw-up labs are perfect. I am experiencing no libido, poor sexual response, no drive or motivation, poor mood (apathy or emotional flatness), general weakness, and lack...
  21. D

    Shitty libido ed fatigue help me! Labs posted

    Hello all! Been lurking around here awhile studying, now my current protocol has been as follows 50mg test cyp MWF Made my own aromasin dropper with 1ml of vodka to 12.5 mg arom because even a quarter pill had me feeling like a wet paper bag and just mentally bad! I take 1-2 drops on M an F...
  22. C

    Please help interpret lab results

    I've been trying to adjust a.i dose since recently adding hcg ro my protocol. I dont how to interpret the last 2 lab values of 43.60 is that a ratio value showing that I'm over the cut off reference range or..?.... also these tests are done in Canada. I would greatly appreciate any help thank you
  23. K

    Difference in HCG formulation at Compounding Pharmacies

    APS Pharmacy told me that my Doctor had to change my prescription because they must add theanine to their formulation of 5000IU because of new FDA regulations. Empower says they don't because they formulate 6000IU. Has anyone else heard of this and does the change affect the potency?
  24. J

    Test Levels are decent. Free test is not good. Need solution

    My levels look like they are good except my Vitamin D levels and Free Test. Have always had a pretty healthy diet and do strength training exclusively. Minimal cardio but just use minimal rest when training. I'm really focused on training now so want to get leaner, have better than optimal...
  25. Nelson Vergel

    Nelson Vergel Speaks to Paul Burguess from the UK about Testosterone Therapy in the UK and the US

    I enjoyed this interview with Paul Burguess from the UK. His site is
  26. A

    Coming off TRT Restarting.

    Good afternoon everyone! I hope someone can help! I am a 25 year old male, currently working as a police officer. I am concerned that I was put on TRT unnecessarily in 2013. My levels were low in the 300s. I wrestled in college all 4 years and took trenbolone and equipoise consecutively in 2013...
  27. Jay Campbell

    Adversity, Breakthrough and a Hero’s Battle with Death -Jay Campbell Interviews Nelson Vergel

    Hey Guys! Please give this Podcast a listen to hear a different side of Nelson's story. We went deep discussing his inspiring story! TRANSCRIPT - PART 1 Jay Campbell: Hey guys, it is Jay...
  28. Nelson Vergel

    Webinar on Clomid, Anastrozole, HCG, DHEA, finasteride syndrome and much more

    Testosterone book authors Dr John Crisler, Nelson Vergel and Jay Campbell discuss their views and asnwer questions on clomid (clomiphene), estradiol management with anastrozole, HCG for fertility and libido, how to treat finasteride syndrome, new injectable DHEA, and subcutaneous injections...
  29. Nelson Vergel

    Interview with Nelson Vergel by Performance Health Podcast in Australia

    To kick off 2016 with a bang, episode 30 of the Icon Performance Health Podcast presents men's health activist Nelson Vergel. Tom and I talk to Nelson about a significant issue that exists in society today; modern man's battle with healthy testosterone levels, how to recognise if your levels...
  30. B

    NDT and low FT4 but adding T4 increase RT3

    I have been experimenting with NDT for a couple years and slowly increasing.. i never get good Ft4 levels though, they are always very low- the FT3 seem to be ok..some dr's feel this is good, i dont really know what to believe- according to some places that means i am "pooling" alhtough when i...
  31. Nelson Vergel

    HIV Treatment Activist Nelson Vergel Faces Down Cancer

    I have not really disclosed much on but this article pretty much describes why I am so driven to self reliance and resilience for all of us who are dealing with medical issues. I hope can serve as an avenue to get us all to the destination of great health no matter...
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