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  1. Scott Myslinski

    Podcast with Nelson Vergel - on TRT, Anabolics, Surviving HIV, Homosexuality

    Hi folks - Long-time reader / lurker here! My name is Scott Myslinski. I've just had Nelson Vergel on my podcast, Making a Man, to talk about TRT, Anabolics, Surviving HIV, Homosexuality, and more. Check it out HERE and please let me know what you think...
  2. S


    Hi I take one milliliter of testosterone cypionate every other Friday should I split it up to keep levels at a constant and also I take clomid once every other day is there anything that I need to take to keep my estrogen and other levels in check Sorry about the duplicate posting. Steve Murphey
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Interview with Nelson Vergel about his experience with testosterone Nelson Vergel has been HIV Positive for 32 years and he credits anabolic steroids and testosterone for saving his life. Author of the book “Testosterone,” Nelson joins The Physique Formula Podcast to deep dive into...
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