natural production of testosterone

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    Question about natural production

    Went to see a doctor today and was hopeful I could maybe do trt through their office. Currently my dose is .10 test cyp EOD. Doctor said this was way too high and that this would shut down my natural production. They went on to say they had been doing this for years and they only “boost natural...
  2. L

    facts about Clomid

    correct me if I am wrong. I want to know more about drug since i am off trt with low total t and below range free. but honestly I am scared of Clomid 1) can cause sucidial behaviour in hypogonal men (Clomid-Associated Suicide Behavior in Hypogonadal Man) 2) can increase e2 more than trt 3)...
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    Suspension of Nebido TRT and Starting Again Natural Production of Testosterone

    Good night Mr. Vergel: Thanks for your preview answer. In my case, I have had two injections of Nebido this year. The first one on February 12TH, 2016. And the second one on March 17TH, 2016 (I was supposed to have a Third Injection of Nebido in three months counting from this date). In...
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