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  1. L

    Quality Brands | Ibutamoren MK-677

    Those that have tried MK677 - what are some quality brands that have a good reputation? I tried Supreme Labs in the past, and want to try a different brand (capsules in the US). Peptide Sciences ? Paradigm Peptides ? 99Purity ? Spectre Labs ? Others ? Thanks!
  2. L

    MK-677 and my IGF-1 Levels

    Recently, I started working out and lifting more. I read about MK677 Ibutamoren, and wanted to try it to increase my HGH and IGF-1, so I ordered some from Supreme Labs USA. I hadn't tested my IGF-1 levels in a few years, and I wanted to know my baseline before taking it. Got tested on 4/18/22...
  3. G

    How Much Are You Paying for MK-677 - Ibutamoren?

    Anyone using MK-677? If so, how much is it costing you, and what’s your experience with it? Thanks.
  4. J

    Ibutamoren (MK - 667)

    Hi - Is there any added benefit to buying "Pharmaceutical" grade Ibutamoren from Defy/APS Pharmacy vs. a "reputable" online peptide company?
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Oral growth hormone enhancer MK-677 (ibutamoren)

    J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1998 Feb;83(2):362-9. Two-month treatment of obese subjects with the oral growth hormone (GH) secretagogue MK-677 increases GH secretion, fat-free mass, and energy expenditure. Svensson J1, Lönn L, Jansson JO, Murphy G, Wyss D, Krupa D, Cerchio K, Polvino W, Gertz B...
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