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    A Med that Boosts Dopamine that in Turn Boosts Libido?

    After taking it for less than 2 weeks, I've given up TRT androgel testosterone therapy since hair loss is a symptom I cannot risk possessing. Recently I read an article about a med that docs prescribe to boost dopamine levels in the brain that in turn boosts libido. Sadly I can't find this...
  2. R

    Generic drug medicine

    Did anybody realized that all generic medicine like pain med, sleep med, blood pressure med, anti-biotic med etc almost all coming from India.Just check the brand when you buy generic prescription drugs. All name brand local pharmacies switched from good us based pharmaceutical to Indian...
  3. D

    Medication Management Tip for New Guys on Injectables

    Bottom Line Up Front • Don't panic if it seems like you're using up a bottle of Testosterone or HCG more quickly than expected. • Pharmacies don't fill the bottles up all the way to the top. ◦  Therefore, you can't use the top of the bottle (near the stopper) as a reference point for the...
  4. E

    Heartburn Medication use

    I’m currently on Pantoprazole for heartburn/acid reflux. I read that Tagamet can cause low Testosterone. I was wondering if any one else is taking Pantoprazole and if it can cause low testosterone levels?
  5. Z

    Blood Pressure Med

    So about a year ago I started Losartan. First it was 50mg then up to 100MG. It really never lowered my BP. I averaged about 130/85 while on losartan. I did notice it helped out with erections with a slight increase in firmness. Anyways my doc switched me to telmisartan 40mg ...about 30 days...
  6. Y

    Best way to Inject HCG 1500IU for reversing testicular atrophy?

    Hi guys, I've recently got some HCG hormone, Pregnyl. The dose is 1500IU and it obviously comes with the vial of Bacteriostatic Water (1ml) along with the vial of the powdered HCG itself. My questions is dosing. I'm assuming that I can just add the 1ml of water to the powder and then split...
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