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    Clomid and AI therapy help needed, low T, soft erections

    Hello to everyone, I have seen a lot of excellent info on the forum, but I would need some guideance on what to do next. Where do I start: Well, it can be a long story, but I will try to keep it as short as I can. Almost 39 yo, non smoker, 1 or 2 of drinks a week. Started training year and a...
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    Can anyone help me get a plan together?

    My testosterone level is 390 , I want to go on Hcg and tesoterone to prevent ball shrinkage. Since Hcg helps you produce how do I do a helathy balance to get me at a steady 800 - 1000 testosterone level. With my body still producing? Is there a way to do this balance? Nicolas Male 23 years old...
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    Low Testosterone Guy

    Hey everyone my name is Nicolas Lopez I am interested in starting Testosterone. Any advice? Definitely want to avoid side effects, ball shrinkage ect
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