lowering e2

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    Lost some weight. Free, Total, E2 are now high. Options?

    I've been on a fairly standard Defy protocol that hasn't changed much in 2.5 years. M-W-F injections 50 cypionate, 300 HCG, 50 mg DHEA, .25 Arimidex (not now). As I've lost weight, my levels have all shot up. 01-2017 242 lbs 283 Total Start TRT 08-2017 (240 lbs) Total - 646 Free - 22.22...
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    How quickly does E2 drop after lowering test dose?

    I've been on trt through Defy for nine weeks now and had to drop my test dose from 160mg/wk split into two doses to 120/wk two doses because of E2 sides. Defy also sent me some compounded anastrozole in .25mg doses to take twice per week for a total of 0.5mg/wk. I really do not want to have the...
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