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    Low e2 symptoms for a long time

    Hey everyone I have a huge problem with estradiol. I am constantly tormented by symptoms of low estradiol. I have not taken any IA since December. I am currently taking 100 mg test prop e2d. My mood came back for a while, but continued poping joints and being flat. I decided to hit 2500iu hcg...
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    Please delete

    Thread deleted
  3. C

    Newbie with Labs

    Hello, I am 34 Year old male with the following lab report! I was diagnosed with major depression in 2006. I have been on multiple antidepressants along with other phyc meds! I am currently on Ketamine infusions for depression along with antidepressants! My depresion is still bad and my body...
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    fixed low dead-space needle/syringes well worth it....

    This is been said before and this will be a very straight-forward post, but the low dead-space fixed needle/syringes are well worth it. I recently switched to daily shots (which by the way has been extremely beneficial and will get its own post after my next set of labs). Anyway, upon...
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    protocol review

    Dr put me on: HCG - 500IU 2x / week AI - 0.5 mg once a week Testosterone Cypionate - 200 mg once a week Do you guys think 200 is too high?
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