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  1. A

    Why do so many Quit TRT?

    seems most people who get on TRT eventually quit. Why? If you quit, how long were you on and what made you get off? are you happier now that youre no longer on TRT?
  2. H

    Low T, Low SHBG, finally found culprit but not solution

    Hi guys, I have been a very long lurker on this and other related forums. I am 31 years old male , been battling with low T all my life (more aware of it since 20 years old). Unfortunately I have never been able to experience any difference in my symptoms with all types of therapies , so i am...
  3. B

    High total T, low free T... no TRT... WTF

    Trying to figure out my labs... not on any exogenous hormones. (I do take metformin for anti-aging/cancer) 46 yo... BMI 23... weightlifting 5-6 times/week... hard to gain muscle mass... kind of down in the evenings. Total T: 874 ng/dL Free T: 60 pg/ml FSH: 4.3 mIU/mL LH: 2.8 mIU/mL Seems...
  4. M

    Free T low, total t high.

    Free T... My total test came back at 900 on a scale of 250-850. But my free came back low, 11, on a scale of 9-22. shbg is 45, Inj frequency is 2x a week. (80 mg total for week) What else should I be looking at as to why my free T is lower?? THX
  5. W

    Excessive sweating potentially due to low T?

    Hi all, For as long as I can remember I’ve had an issue with excessive sweating even during my childhood years. If I’m in a hot place I can sweat easily but the most embarrassing is very early during sexual intercourse so much that I have to stop. It’s definitely abnormal as my girlfriend or...
  6. M

    My dose has been too high?

    Try and keep this short...5 years ago felt bad, Dr put me on 100 mg of Test cyp 1x a week, did ok for a while, HCT HGB got too high, told to donate every 4 months, still didn't feel right, test levels were great, high in fact around 1000, after another year still felt rough (Yes tested for...
  7. G

    Started TRT journey - five weeks in

    Good evening, everyone. I figured I'd make a thread documenting my progress. Hopefully the information and ensuing discussions contained herein could provide assistance for others down the line, as others' threads had provided for me. I also have some questions which will be added at the end, so...
  8. E

    Low test and low estradiol? Would i need an ai?

    Hey all, So I'm 40 year old male in very good shape. Low body fat, visible 6 pack, no real health problems (slightly elevated cholesterol) and I've never taken Any hormone treatments. I got my hormone panel ran and this is what I got back: total T came back at 380 (348-1197 range) Free T...
  9. A

    10 years of low T, Recent Blood Results

    Hello everyone, I’ve had low T since college but no doctor ever wanted me to do anything about it. I had all the symptoms from lack of energy, depression, fatigue, low libido, brain fog. I was skinny, ate well, exercised a lot and my numbers have been between 200-400 tested every couple years...
  10. P

    Testosterone levels and Dementia in Men

    Interesting read - Low T a factor in Dementia in Men https://www.inverse.com/mind-body/testosterone-dementia-connection
  11. D

    Low T added T Gel, then Atrophy, added HCG ... now T Levels are dropping

    This is my first post to Excelmale. I am a 58 yr old that has had ED issues for years but was just diagnosed about 7 months ago. No energy, no sex drive and weak erections at best. Penis shots were recommended but I opted out at this time. Urologist / Men's Wellness prescribed several meds the...
  12. M

    New to the site. Current symptoms and findings. What should I expect?

    Realized this post was a bit long. I've summarized up top. Details further down. QUICK VERSION: Been feeling like crap for 3 months. Have had numerous expensive doc / specialist appointments, imaging scans, blood tests, and more tests, tests, testsssss etc with normal results. I saw doc on...
  13. M

    Low T

    I have really low T , like 185, went to Endo and he said something is wrong with my brain, I said thanks alot. What am i suppose to do. my brain is making me have low T, what am I suppose to do.
  14. H

    Pregnancy related hormonal dips

    So I've been on hCG +AI therapy for about a year and a half now, and for the most part, have been feeling great. My wife is about 37 weeks pregnant, and over the course of the pregnancy, I've been feeling worse and worse - feeling pretty much like I did pre-treatment - brain fog, low libido...
  15. John89

    Irritability and fatigue after exercise - Symptom of Low-T?

    Dear all, within the last years I have developed a very specific symptom. Almost every time after doing excercise I am a complete mess for two days: Irritability, fatigue, depression, brainfog and a general feeling that is comparable to having the flu. Basically I crash ultra hard after every...
  16. J

    Thinking about contacting Defy - some random thoughts

    Been feeling really sluggish recently, so much so that I feel almost tingly/hazy at time in the mid to later afternoons and evenings and its been keeping me from having any energy to work out. I got a full blood work up, including thyroid in Dec with my primary care and he said all numbers were...
  17. D

    Etiology: What do you think caused your low T (hypogonadism)?

    Hey everyone, I had a though and felt I'd ask everyone. What do you think caused your hypogonadism? I was thinking about my etiology and realized I don't particularly have one. I did have an one sided orchiectomy (removal of testicle) for cryptorchidism, but that wouldn't have an effect on my...
  18. B

    Feeling anxious, depressed, and NO Confidence

    I have been off TRT for 18 months and about to get some blood work done. I decided to see if i can recover naturally. That said, for the past 6 weeks i have been feeling somewhat anxious, depressed, and i have zero confidence. These are all signs of low T and i will soon find out as a result of...
  19. B

    Low Testosterone saving a marriage ???

    Just thinking out loud. Im wondering if low T can actually be good for a marriage. I am not advocating not working out and dieting, quite the contrary. However, low T makes me more calm and also lowers my libido big time. I have a theory which probably pertains to no one but here it is anyway...
  20. L

    low T symptoms & free T of 54 pg/ml

    Hello! I am 25 years old and it's been 2 years since I experience low T symptoms: low libido, inability to build muscle, difficulties with memory & focus, hair loss and so on. After a period of high stress and for the first time no morning wood for a month!! I decided to do something about it...
  21. S

    First Post... Long Journey -Help-

    Trying to not make a wall of text here as it's really not that interesting. I've been living in basically hell for the last 10 years and need to get to the bottom of this before I off myself. (Joking, but not really somedays it feels). (Back story) 34 now, married one child. Have had low T...
  22. F

    Need answers while I have the energy to do something about it...

    I posted this in “ask the doc” but I’m posting it here too because I desperately need answers from anyone who has them. I need to figure out a plan while I actually have the energy to do something about it... I’m going to try to be a minimalist so this post doesn’t run away from me but as an...
  23. L

    Testosterone level of 415 not that low? candidate for TRT?

    Im new to this site here. I bought some books on TRT which pointed me to this forum, and just bought Nelson Vergels book on kindle. Im 41, always worked out , the last 2 years though feeling fatigue, lower libido, really bad Mind fog. feel aches in my hands and inflamation. I eat pretty healthy...
  24. R

    Day 1 on Clomid

    Hey guys, I've had diagnosed low T for about 5 years with no treatment. I am 33 years old with 1 kid and planning on having at least one more. Long story as to why but lets just say bad doctors and call it a day. So today I went for a second opinion with an Endocrinologist after an...
  25. R

    33 years old and need help!

    So I am new to the forum and I have seen many posts about this, but I thought i'd post my own story to get myself started. About 5 years ago I had testosterone tested due to lack of libido. Family doctor says "its low, go on Androgel". Did some research and saw that I probably shouldn't do...
  26. D

    Testosterone Replacement Tampa

    I'm looking for someone who specializes in testosterone replacement in or close to Tampa. I just want to find someone that knows what they are doing and isn't going to rip me off. I'm pretty familiar with the medications I will need and don't really want all the bells and whistles that come with...
  27. A

    What Every Man Should Know About HCG, Testosterone and Testicular Size.

    Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for a man's health. While most people see it as the men fertility hormone, it does so much more: It plays a role in the development of facial and body hair It promotes an increase in both muscular mass and strength It helps to maintain sex...
  28. M

    20 Year-Old With Low T, Please Help Me Get My Life Back!!!!!

    Heres my story, ill try to keep it brief. I've suffered from anxiety and depression since junior year of high school (about 4 years). I began to notice that my anxiety is only social around the opposite sex. I cannot even approach or hold a conversation with a female. I am incapable of growing...
  29. N

    Looking for much needed help - Low T, younger, HCG monotherapy

    Hey all, New member here looking for some relief to my exhaustive struggle to correct my low T. I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on my situation. I apologize in advance for my very thorough post! I'm not really sure where to start for the sake of boring you all to death so I'll just...
  30. Nelson Vergel

    Men with Low Testosterone and Higher Estradiol Are More Prone to Heart Attacks

    A recent study measured blood hormone levels in 149 patients who had a sudden cardiac arrest, comparing them with levels in 149 patients who had coronary artery disease but did not have sudden cardiac arrest. The study's findings include: Men who had sudden cardiac arrests had testosterone...
  31. Nelson Vergel

    Defy Low T on Men's Health Week

    Defy Low T on Men's Health Week Posted on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/defy-low-t-on-mens-health-week-518342.htm Testosterone Blood Level Testing for $29 in Most US Cities Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- June is Men's Health Month, and leading up to...
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