low dhea

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    Help Low E on TRT

    Hi there, I am on Androgel now for nearly 6 months. It had upped my T levels, so far so good. But my E is extremely low. Prior TRT my E was also low and now still is. Even when i was above the range with T, my E was below the range. My SHBG is low normal. I have low E issues like low Libido...
  2. V

    Causes of low dhea-s

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to understand the casues of low dhea-s on trt? I have been at 66 ug/dl for the past few years. HCG did not seem to help
  3. C

    low dhea due to trt

    if trt causes dhea to be low on labs (i.e. pre trt in the mid 100's, on trt - in the 80s), would supplementing dhea with trt, improve dhea levels and fatigue?
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