low body temperature

  1. A

    Am I hypothyroid?

    fT3 2.92 in 2-4.4 THS 1.18 in 0.27-4.2 Interestingly before going on TRT my THS was 2.25 in 0.358-3.74. I got a body thermometer and it measured 96.6 at this time (noon) which is considered low. I read that low body temperature means that your body does not produce enough energy and...
  2. jger242

    Thyroid and several other issues need advice

    I have several different problems. Any assistance is appreciated. 1. Low average daily body temp (97.1 average daily temp) occassionally rises to 98.0 - 98.5 after training. 2. Inability to lose weight. I have tried several different plans: increased activity (cardio, etc) reduced calories...