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    TRT has made me worse

    Hi all. I'm a 50-year old man living in the UK. 5 years ago I started noticing that my libido was low. Doctors did blood tests and said that my testosterone was low but not long enough to start trt... After doing lots of research and and pestering my doctor he finally prescribed testosterone...
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    compounded testosterone suspension

    Anyone using it and which compounding pharmacy? Thanks.
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    TRT newbie

    Hi all. For one year ago i had my Testosterone levels tested and they were within normal levels, but in the very bottom. That meant that the free (tax payed) danish healthcare would not treat me even though i had several low-T symptoms. I am in my 40's and otherwise healthy and have been...
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    Moderate libido on Testosterone and HCG

    Hello. I am 28 years old, I'm a bodybuilder and currently doing TRT + hcg (to preserve testicular size and functions). I am taking 60mg sustanon every day, that would be a total of 420mg a week. I take hcg monday, wendnesday, friday, 500ui, for a total of 1500 ui a week. I also take exemestane...
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    TRT and libido

    I am 48. I have been playing around with TRT for 5 years. libido has also been very good. over the past month I have noticed it is very weak and my erections are not good at times and orgasms are dull at times. I can preform but it is like once a week. beside that I feel good. when I first...
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    Help Very Low Iron Panel Results

    Can a Very Low Iron Panel have any effect on Libido or Erections? Here is my labs from today: Tests Result Flag Units Reference Interval Lab Iron and TIBC 184-462-0542-0 Iron Bind.Cap.(TIBC) 335 ug/dL 250-450 TNLCA UIBC 314 ug/dL 111-343 TNLCA Iron 21 Low ug/dL 38-169 TNLCA Iron Saturation 6...
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    On TRT, good looking numbers, horrible ED and no morning wood STILL.. help

    Hey Here are some lab numbers I have Total T 916 Free T 24.5 (2.7%) E2: 37 (AI doesnt seem to help and only makes things worse, ive tried arimidex and aromasin) SHBG: 23 ( a little on the low end, but nothing like i see "low shbg guys" struggling with in the teens and stuff) DHT: 50...
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    Someone please help really need advice and answers

    So I have posted on this board a few times over the last couple weeks. Real quick long story short. 2 Monday’s ago I took a dose of my AI ‘when my doctor told me not to take it anymore, I took it because I thought my e2 was getting high’ anyways fast foward to now. My libido is none existent. A...
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    New to TRT, Libido & Erection Strength

    Before TRT over several years I noticed a decline in Libido and erection quality (EQ) . Once I started TRT (test cyp only) the first 3-4 weeks were great for Libido and EQ, my wife and I both noticed the improvements. However, after those first weeks things leveled off and Libido/EQ went back to...
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    23 year old, low T, this is my story! Clomid??? Please help!

    Hey everyone, Thanks for welcoming me to the forum! Really awesome to see you guys giving multi-paragraph responses to complete strangers on the internet. Hoping you guys have some guidance for me and I’d love to help you out with any issues I’m educated in! I am 23 years old, in peak...