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  1. Y

    Low LH and Libido

    Long story short..I was on TRT for about a year with virtually no positive results. My primary goal was to increase my libido which it did not. I'm 55, about 180 pounds and generally in good health. I'm recently divorced and have been dating a very attractive young woman for about a year. For...
  2. W

    High LH, low thyroid, No Estradiol & Natty.

    I am seeing my endocrinologist tomorrow, curious for initial recommendations as to correct course of action to feel better, low estradiol symptoms.... I had thought of asking about HCG, or estradiol supplementation. Thank you for the help.
  3. W

    Major Reduction of T after Cream

    Just started TRT, 200mg cream in AM to scrotum 6 weeks ago with 50mg DHEA and 100mg Pregnenolone. At start my labs were, and frankly felt very “good” generally, mild libido issues, wanting to merely optimize overall health and vitality (active 55 YO), all other labs normal/optimal incl Thyroid...
  4. N

    Gnrh hormone and Lh no libido

    Hi all. Back in 2017 I started antidepressants... These wrecked my sex drive ( now a well known fact that the doctor didn't tell me .) I eventually came off them but my libido was very low . I had my testosterone checked which was low . I was put on nebido . Then went on to testosterone C ...
  5. H

    Primary, secondary or mixed both?

    Hello guys, what do you think, is this secondary or primary hypogonadism, or both in mixed? Ran couple bloodworks, months between them. Went to the Urology who checked my testicles they were small-normal(borderline arthropy) and soft. Then i went to the testicle ultrasound and they ultrasounded...
  6. C

    Question about crashing e2 on trt

    Say in theory somebody is on exogenous testosterone and crashes their e2 with arimidex. Would this result in the production of LH even though they are on testosterone due to negative feedback (low estrogen)? Not that I would ever do that but just curious how the feedback loop would play into this
  7. J

    Questions about my Low LH and FSH.

    Hello guys, Im hoping to get a little informa on how to manage Low LH and FSH. Im a 52 year old male whose been on testosterone cyponate for 4 years. Secondary Hypogandis. My levels are good, except estradiol is a bitch getting it in the sweet spot. 20-30 I take anastarole to control the...
  8. A

    Low LH and FSH

    Hi guys, Hope everyone is staying safe, 30 yr old, good health, no medication. Feeling fatigued, brain fog, no motivation and indecisive asf, low semen volume. Got various blood done on different occasions, my doctor is useless so I used a private clinic I paid for, got bloods done on 6...
  9. H

    Are there any problems with having zero gonadotrophin?

    I've been on TRT for 6 years now and I have no complaints. It's been wonderful for me. I'm on 4 pumps of Androgel daily with 500iu's of HCG every other day. I remember reading, a long time ago, that HCG is recommended with TRT and one of the reasons is that it'll activate LH receptors across...
  10. A

    Question for some of the knowledgeable guys on the board about HCG

    Thinking of guys like you @Cataceous ! I've heard it argued recently that HCG is not similar enough to LH to have the same exact effect. The beta subunit is very different than LH. Essentially they're saying just because it triggers the LH receptor, doesn't mean it's actually having the same...
  11. C

    Pituitary restart while on TRT: promising initial results with GnRH plus enclomiphene

    TL;DR: Over a period of seven weeks, treatment with GnRH and enclomiphene raised LH and FSH from around 0.1 mIU/mL to about 1.0 mIU/mL, even though TRT and hCG dosing were continued. Subjective results have been encouraging. I had written previously on the subject of GnRH suppression on TRT...
  12. J

    Still have not figured out why i have high LH but low FSH before I started

    anyone have any idea on this? Ive never seen this before anywhere LH 12.3 ref 1.7-8.6 FSH 2.9 ref 1.5-12.4 total T 440 free T 11.7
  13. J

    Hypersexual Disorder and Luteinizing Hormone

    A study of men with hypersexual disorder finds that they have higher luteinizing hormone (LH), but not higher testosterone levels. Interesting becuase it shows a connection between LH and libido. The full text of the article is available. "LH plasma levels were significantly higher in patients...
  14. J

    Hcg and levels of LH and FSH

    Hi everybody stopped by to ask a question to see if anybody could help me out. I was curious if my luteinizing hormone and my follicle stimulating hormone levels are going to change with my HCG that I'm taking? I have been on a certain amount of HCG but my blood work is still showing my LH and...
  15. D

    Low LH and FSH. Advice and expectations.

    Been on TRT for 28 months. Prior to starting therapy, my wife and I conceived our two year old son during the first month of trying. So no fertility issue before TRT. We have been trying for our second child for six months now without any luck. Dr started me two months ago on empower HCG...
  16. N

    FSH and LH almost zero but midrange T

    I have the following lab results and I'm very confused: FSH - 0.1 in a 1.5 to 12.4 range LH 0.1 in a 1.7 to 8.6 range I'm already on TRT with Nebido, last shot that was supposed to last for 3 months was 22 days ago and my Total T is 446 and Free T is 15.26. I understand FSH and LH reduce with...
  17. M

    Checking LH and FSH straight away ?

    After pretty much a decade of losing time with antidepressants and antipsychotics, I am now approaching my new doctor with the concept of low T. She is willing to test my total and free testosterone, but she says the rest isn't important for now. Is that true ? Is there not a possibility that...
  18. C

    (Case) Low testosterone, low Fsh and normal LH

    First: sorry for my english, I dont speak it well but I understand it. I have symptom of low testosterone: low libido, depression, I dont keep the erección, wieght loss (muscle), and others symptom. I went to endocrinologist and he did a test: Data: 24 years (recently, april 1, 2018), weight...
  19. C

    42 y/o - Normal T / Low-ish FreeT / Very High SHBG / High LH - is TRT right for me?

    I'm 42 yrs old and the last 4 years my energy, strength, and stamina have plummeted. I am generally an athletic/slender guy but my midsection has increased a lot, and I have become very sluggish. My sex drive isn't great so I thought I might take a stab at this TRT stuff… Here is...
  20. I

    Low testosterone, high LH and FSH

    Hello, Two months ago I was using SARMS for 2 weeks and then I started feeling like my libido was down, also I was not having erections at all. I immediately stopped with those and started using some testosterone boosters that worked well for a month, and then they suddenly stopped working. I...
  21. H

    LH and FSH cuttoff values

    What are the minimum lab values to differentiate between primary and secondary hypogonadism? And is there a difference in treatment for each? I've read many posts and medical websites but can't find a firm number to differentiate the two diagnosis. Here are my PreTRT lab values. LH 2.3 mIU/mL...
  22. M

    LHRH test

    Hello guys, Nelson Vergeltold me to post my test resultshere on excelmale. So in the following picture you can see my results. He said ''Interesting that your FSH and T did not go up as much as your LH.''. any thoughts to this ? Thanks :)
  23. Nelson Vergel

    Some Frequently Asked hCG Questions

    Frequently Asked hCG Questions: 1. Do I still take hCG in conjunction with the Anastrozole? Yes. It is completely appropriate to be treated with hCG and Anastrozole at the same time. They perform very different and important functions and can work well together in a comprehensive testosterone...
  24. D

    Low LH and FSH with low-normal Testosterone

    I'm a 34 year old man and here's my recent bloodwork, with lab's normal values in parentheses: Total-T LC/MS/MS: 496 ng/dL (250-1100) [LOW NORMAL] Estradiol: 16 pg/mL (< 39) LH: 2.1 mIU/mL (1.5 - 9.3) [BARELY NORMAL] FSH: 1.6 mIU/mL (1.6 - 8.0) [BARELY NORMAL] Prolactin: 7.5 ng/mL (2.0 -...
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