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    Anyone using Soy Lecithin Granules?

    I recently added Now products - Soy Lecithin Granules to my morning smoothie (2 scoops) and I am feeling the difference. Seems to help with my energy and a noticeable increase in semen volume. Also my cholesterol levels have improved somewhat. I wasn't aware that sunflower seed lecithin was...
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    Can sunflower lecithin affect DHT?

    I've tried it twice for increasing semen volume (which decreases on TRT even with HCG) and it works. However either time I notices a huge increase in my facial hair which was presumably caused by an increase in DHT. I'm not sure it was the lecithin or other stuff that I was taking with it. The...
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    "Tricking" My body into increasing Testosterone Production Naturally? Will it work?

    Hi guys, I've had testicular atrophy for the last few months in the right side. This all started when around two years ago I had an undiagnosed case of epididymitis which spread to the testicle itself and eventually caused testicular atrophy by the time my doctor treated it. The left side is...
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