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    Hematacrit lab accuracy and fluctuation throughout the day

    So I had a CBC on Tuesday and didn’t think I was dehydrated, but my veins didn’t really show up very well so maybe I was and my hematocrit was 49.1. I decided to retest on Thursday and make sure I was hydrated and it came back at 44. My question is does anybody know how accurate the quest lab...
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    My testosterone is 35 ng/dL on trt

    I’ve been on 120mg Test Cyp for 2 years normally my levels are 900 they came back at 35 (250-1100) and I’m freaking out. I ordered the lcms through discounted labs and went to quest. What is happening this is from the pharmacy Actavis brand I inject every 6 days
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    Testosterone Cream and DHT increase

    So I was on cream for about a year and in that year i noticed my anxiety was heightened. I also had other issues as stated of just feeling like crap. Anyways when doing labs, most my dht readings were upwards of 3-400. I was just wondering if that could of have been the culprit of my anxiety...
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    Cream question

    So I posted a couple days ago about cream issues. Basically I use to do injections felt good but switched over to the cream because I heard it was the cats meow. Well early on it was great, my libido was sky high. And well actually that’s about it. Everything else felt normal. Fast foward 1 year...
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    Question on recent labs

    Hey guys, Been a while since I've been on the forum, but wanted to get some feedback on recent blood work. I've tried an EOD protocol for roughly 6-8 weeks of 28mg Test Cyp and nothing else. I do have AI on hand, but don't use it regularly, but every so often when i feel the high estro sides...
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    This lab gets my vote

    Hi All - FYI: I did some shopping around and this is the place where I've consistently found the best pricing on labs. You can choose to go to either a Quest or LabCorp collection center. No Dr. Rx needed and I always check the "weekly promotions" where sometimes you'll find packages at discount...
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    Ultrasensitive Estradiol test -* shipping blood from abroad?

    Hello. I am 29, male, from Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) and we do not have a lab that does the ultrasensitive estradiol test. Does anyone here know a lab that accepts blood from abroad, shipped in the correct way- refrigerated/frozen etc...? I will start HRT because I have been chronically ill...
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    Reliable Online Peptide Supplier needed

    Hello Everyone, Wondering if anyone can recommend a USA based company that sells Ipamorelin. I currently use and want to have another company as a secondary choice. I appreciate any information any one can provide. Thanks and have a great day
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