kidney function

  1. B

    Can TRT cause kidney cysts?

    Thankfully my urologist thinks the cysts I've developed at just multiple simple cysts, not kidney disease, but he's not sure what could have caused them. I eliminated the celebrex I was taking and to help my arthritis my TRT doctor put me on 100mg of deca a week to go with 100mg test, is there...
  2. M

    Organ Support Supplements

    Do any of you use or recommend a good Kidney and Liver support? Astralagus for Kidney keeps coming up and Milk thistle
  3. D

    Can TRT harm healthy kidneys with long term use?

    I’m concerned with the long-term effects of testosterone replacement therapy on kidney function? Can TRT be detrimental to the kidneys long term? Assuming that you started out with healthy kidneys. Thank you
  4. Vince Carter

    Kidneys and Citrulline

    Ive been getting what I think is some very minor kidney pains lately. I am consistently hitting over a gallon of water thru the day, and I've eliminated my use of Creatine in my pre-workout @ appx 5grams. Knowing Citrulline passes thru the kidneys and converts to Arginine I started to wonder...
  5. N

    Elevated Creatinine

    Currently I am using 13.5 mg testosterone daily (My oil contains 110 mg Test. E & 25 mg Test. P.). I normally blast and cruise, cruise as mentioned above and blast somewhere around 800 to 1200 mg total AAS. From past 1 Year I have elevated Creatinine 1.5 mg/dl (max when i finished my last blast...
  6. Mission

    Now with hCG, concerning bloodwork 7 months into TRT

    Hoping to get some advice about my latest labs and protocol. I’m not sure what changes would be best at this point. I’m not confident in my TRT office and am considering switching docs. Anyway brief background…. Initial protocol and 1st labs after 7 weeks on TRT led to this: Doing this twice...
  7. Nelson Vergel

    The 10 Worst Medications for Your Kidneys

    Medications that can damage the kidneys are known as “nephrotoxic medications.” These drugs can cause direct toxicity to the kidneys, and have been implicated in up to 25% of acute kidney injuries. For people with even mild renal failure, you might want to think twice (or talk to your doctor)...