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  1. U

    Dialing in my TRT - Recent bloods - DHEA on floor.

    I’m currently in the middle of decreasing my dose due to high e2 issues that I did not want to mitigate by AI use. The following labs were taken while taking 100mg a week split Monday morning and Thursday evening. IM. Labs drawn Thursday morning on day 14 of new 100mg protocol. E2 sensitive -...
  2. S

    Iron supplement dosage?

    Theres some conflicting info on this forum regarding daily iron supplements to combat low ferritin on TRT. There was an excellent and detailed post on raising ferritin fast, but thats not my intent at the moment. i decided on “Ferrochel Iron Chelate - 27mg Iron Bisglycinate Supplement” i found...
  3. T

    High iron, high % saturation, low ish ferritin. Feel shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing. Is it the iron overload?

    please see labs below. I feel fatigued and honestly kinda shitty. I’m a Defy patient and waiting to get scheduled with them. Is high iron likely to cause these symptoms? I was feeling well before this with high energy, banging libido, and productive energy. Over the last month, I’ve been...
  4. N

    Taking too much iron?

    I crashed my ferritin badly.. I gave blood too frequently and it was at 1. I felt like crap, all of the low ferritin symptoms. Doc told me to stop donating, and get on 350MG Iron + Vitamin C. I went out and got tons of iron supps. The first and second day... I felt amazing. Tons of energy, tons...
  5. M

    Question about iron and ferritin while on TRT

    Hey guys. So after reading a while on the forum i stumbled on a few topics about iron and ferretin and what were some symptoms when this is low. I have never donated blood. I do notice the longer i am on trt, i have the feeling i feel my heart beat heavier, sometimes shortness of breath wich...
  6. B

    Iron on TRT? - No libido

    26m who has struggled on TRT for a long time. In summer 2021 was prescribed test cypionate which immediately causes complete loss of libido, which only returned about 6 weeks after cessation of treatment. Testosterone did not naturally recover (although libido did), and resumed treatment this...
  7. E

    High iron and extremely high ferritin

    Hi everyone. I've been on trt for a while and I never felt well on it. I tried to come off recently, I ran hcg for a month 500 eod, then started nolva for 3 weeks. I ultimately couldn't tolerate how badly I felt coming off and injected test and went for a blood test just to see my general health...
  8. B

    TUDCA works to lower iron/liver/kidney enzymes and boost T3

    I decided to do an experiment with TUDCA. I took 250mg with 1 liter of water in the morning on an empty stomach and waited 20 to 30 mins before I ate. Here are my results. 12.11.2019 Labcorp (no TUDCA) Iron Bind. Cap (TIBC): 246 ug/dl (250-450) UIBC: 141 ug/dl (111-343) Iron: 105 ug/dl...
  9. B

    Would you donate blood with this iron level?

    Hello everyone, Let me get straight to the point. My doctor wants me to donate blood because he says my hematocrit has been high for the past 3 blood tests. He says he wants me back to the normal range or the medical board is going to be like what is going on with this patient of yours that...
  10. G

    Cant donate due to low iron

    I've found myself in a jam. Hematocrit is not really high, but its high enough to be causing symptoms. My iron is low, and so is my copper. I inject 100mg a week, and wondering if I cut that to 50mg a week, would that help without raising hematocrit even further. Im at 48% and and hemoglobin is...
  11. M

    Low iron, normal Ferritin

    Didn’t do test for a while and been having minor issues sleeping again (waking up) not as severe as when ferritin was dawn)! Thought it’s ferritin again but turns out it’s iron. currently doing 100 mg once weekly(new protocol) with 0.1mg arimidix (Vodka mix) one day after injection. What...
  12. S

    Very Low Iron and Ferritin

    So I have been on TRT for about 3 years. 38 year old Male...was suffering from fatigue/brain fog/high stress. Test was 320 at the outset of this. So I self administered 200 mg Test Cyp every 7 days for about 2 years. I routinely gave blood to keep my HGB around 15... That’s when I got my...
  13. S

    A Question About Low Ferritin.

    I have had some strange symptoms lately. Feeling very tired along with body aches and general itchiness all over. At first I thought dry skin but its really beyond that. Had a blood test on Friday and my ferritin came back low at 12. I was surprised because I haven't had to donate blood in about...
  14. Gianluca

    Few thoughts on elevated iron serum

    My blood serum comes elevated most of the times. And my ferritin is stuck since 2017 at 75/80, and I haven't donated since then. I see that is a problem that different people have on TRT. But is having elevated iron serum as bad as having elevated ferritin? is elevated Iron Serum prooxidant...
  15. G

    Eye opening info on iron

    Super Human Radio by Super Human Radio on Apple Podcasts Here’s the FB version with video
  16. S

    Very Low Ferritin with High Iron?

    My Ferritin tested 5 weeks ago was 14. I donated blood a couple days ago so who knows what it is now. But my Iron was 140. A few years ago when I was donating blood every 3 months I had a Ferritin level of zero. I don't even know how thats possible but the lab said my Ferritin was undetectable...
  17. J

    Thyroid or Ferritin problems?

    Hi guys Thyroid or Iron problem? I do have a problem with heart palpitation, anxiety, chest pain, brain fog. Not always, I can be good for a 1-2 months and then it hit me and I'm bad for 1-3 weeks. I have taken "all" the blood tests and had EKG, 24 hour EKG, Ultrasound, and all "good" there. But...
  18. H

    Some IRON math

    I decided to take a look at how many times i have donated blood since I started TRT: total of 8 times (whole blood) during a period of 20 months (so approximately once every 10 weeks) to keep HCT in check. Every time you donate whole blood the body loses ~ 250mg of iron. So i lost a total of...
  19. stevep

    Low Iron Situation

    I'm not 100% sure I'm asking this in the correct forum, if not a moderator can move it. On my blood work in October my PCP found that my Iron level was low. I'm not sure how he concluded that from the October CBC Platelet and Differential since I don't see Iron specifically listed. I advised...
  20. H

    Low ferritin and high total iron

    I have been donating blood every 2/3 months and my ferritin levels are low (11 - range 20-345) but my total iron is high (216 - range 50-180). Other test results below: Iron binding capacity 482 - range 250-425 % saturation 45 - range 15-60 Any comments why is that? If dangerous and how to fix it?
  21. Nelson Vergel

    Iron and Ferritin Test Descriptions

    Introduction: Key Roles of Iron in the Body Normal Iron Balance: Iron Absorption in the Small Intestine Heme iron Non-heme iron Iron Reabsorption through Red Blood Cell Recycling Normal Iron Loss Iron Blood Tests 1) Serum ferritin 2) Blood Iron 3) Total Iron-Binding Capacity 4)...
  22. Nelson Vergel

    All About Iron and Ferritin Tests

    Introduction: Key Roles of Iron in the Body Normal Iron Balance: Iron Absorption in the Small Intestine Heme iron Non-heme iron Iron Reabsorption through Red Blood Cell Recycling Normal Iron Loss Iron Blood Tests 1) Serum ferritin 2) Blood Iron 3) Total Iron-Binding Capacity 4)...
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