iron deficiency

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    High HCT low iron

    It seems I must go donate some blood. My hematocrit is 50%. However, my MCV and MCH are slightly low, indicating a iron deficiency. My MCV and MCH were low before ever starting trt, and I had a borderline low iron level years prior, without finding the reason. After seeing several doctors, and a...
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    Need suggestions for supplementing iron and ferritin?

    I started supplementing iron in the beginning of May do to discovering an borderline iron deficiency upon starting TRT and a worsening iron deficiency two and a half years later. I started supplementing 325mg iron daily and 28mg ferritin and 4 weeks later scored an iron 81 and ferritin 80 and...
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    Could it really be that simple, an iron deficiency the cause of all my problems...?

    As many of you know I have had a lot of strange symptoms since I started TRT, from red burning itchy dry skin, rashes or hives on legs, decades long chronic cough with inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. It seems the higher I push my TRT dosage, the symptoms keep piling on, diarrhea...
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    Will breaking up the dose into 2-3 weekly injections help with Hematocrit?

    I've been dealing with multiple issues with high H and H numbers and iron deficiency. In just the first 6 months on TRT I've needed 5 phlebotomies and probably need another. I am also iron deficient and needed 2 infusions to recover only to turn around and require more phlebotomies. At this...
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    Interesting and uncommon study on Iron Deficiency and its effects on LH, FSH, Testosterone before and after Iron infusion IV.

    I have been hunting for research on iron deficiency and its link to low testosterone and found one that may be of interest to some here on the forum. Intravenous iron replacement therapy in eugonadal males with iron-deficiency anemia: Effects on pituitary gonadal axis and sperm parameters; A...